Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gang Graffiti War Zone Gets TIFfed

The Gang Graffiti War continues at 4509 N. Hazel, the Voice-of-the-People managed building, which Alderman Helen Shiller so proudly announced is her newest intended recipient of our Wilson TIF taxpayer dollars.

Earlier this week, we watched three VOP residents throw a fit in the doorway of 4509 N. Hazel over the rival gang dissing that they found painted on their turf, i.e. this tax subsidized low-income housing building. Today we see that the rival gang graffiti has been blacked out and replaced with an upward pointing pitchfork that proclaims respect for the resident gang.

Can you think of a more deserving recipient of TIF funds?


  1. How many other people have a VOP building near them and think they would be better off if the building was converted to condos or at the very least the management wasn't so pro gangs in those to whom they rent?

    I live near one on Magnolia and it is a gang haven. Its good to know that any chance we've had to let the market address these problem buildings is going out the window thanks to the Shiller Status Quo Plan for Uptown.

    I've hoped that someday some of these buildings would get sold to developers or at least landlords that would fix them up a little and encourage the gangs that live there to move on but alas Helen is more concerened with keeping her votes then making this area SAFE for working families (with legal jobs).

  2. Mainly, I think VOP buildings would be better off for everyone if they had tougher screening measures like they do in the CHA mixed income housing developments outside of Uptown. Once a lousy tenant manages to get in, it takes an act of Congress to get them out.

  3. I live by Montrose and Clarendon and this is the first year I see gang activity coming from VOP buildings thats spreading for the first time since I lived here. I wonder how safe it will be once the Wilson projects start to get filled up................

  4. Woodlawn Development Corporation took over the management at other troubled properties in the area. They appear to have done a good job so far.

    The buildings need complaints registered against them to change management. Are the properties in good condition? Is there visible disrepair?

    If so, file a complaint.

  5. This is off the subject but I was wondering if anyone else heard or saw the shooting last night at about 12:30 am around the Leland/Malden/Magnolia area. I woke up to what I thought was gunshots, then yelling, more gunshots and then more yelling. Anyone know if anyone got hit or if a bust was made?

  6. Voice of the People management is confusing and questionable at best. Some of their buildings are managed by Metroplex.

    We have two V of P buildings by us. The 4416-28 N. Clifton Building is managed by Metroplex. We deal with the Property Manger's boss on tenent issues. Phone calls and letters on every matter are key to fixing a gang and drug problem.

    4431 N. Racine is managed by Debra Claybron, who is both the ED and property manager. She was sitting at the Wilson Yard meeting last week since they need a big TIF handout to keep their properties. Claybron does a terrible job addressing tenant issues. The problem tenants are protected and the good tenants live in fear of reporting any problems. For example, one tenant, who has a grandson living illegally with her, has been the epicenter of gang and drug dealing for years. While the tenants sign a document that states they understand they can be evicted for harboring any illegal drug/gang members, it is never enforced.

    It's such a sham. They're in cahoots with Shiller for millions of our tax money and we live with the consequences of their free rein of drugs and gang activity.

  7. Whether she choses to admit it or not, Shiller is using tax payer money to harbor more gang members in these buildings. Tax payers in Uptown should be furious.

    VOP would go under if not for Shiller's handouts. I understand they are in bad financial shape. If the amendment gets passed, look for more money to funnel their way - and their piss poor management to continue.

  8. How does a management firm even receive TIF money to manage their properties?

    Don't they receive funding from the City of Chicago(CHA) to manage them? This is the whole bid process that determines who is chosen to operate the properties.

  9. Brad, my wife heard what she thought were shots last night. We live near Wilson and Malden. Shortly after the shots we heard police sirens. I am not sure of the time, I was going to email UU about it after I got more details from my wife.

  10. Yes we heard it too, they were running down the 4600 blck of North Magnolia. It was pretty frightening.

  11. Lots of talk about gunfire. Did anyone call 911 to report "shots fired"?

  12. TO Katherine...
    You can't just blame management for the entire problem of gangs taking over those areas, that is why Chicago police are here to serve and protect and they get paid good money and benefits to do their job. And I see you all coming together as a community to post up these complaints, but I don't see you all pulling together to have community meetings nor call the police to report what is seen and heard. Once the communities start coming together again to protect their young ones and themselves against all of the violence, all you will ever be doing is pointing the finger and not taking on the responsibility of keeping your community safe!