Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clifton Avenue Problems & Online CAPS Meeting Tonight

Update: To attend the online CAPS meeting, go to Click on "Online Services" and then "CLEARmeeting". A calendar will come up and you can click on today's meeting. If you are registered with CLEARpath, you may participate in the meeting. If not, you can watch anonymously but will not have the option to participate.

Lake Effect News covered the Beat 2311 CAPS meeting that took place on Tuesday, and which will continue online this evening. Issues included the continuing problems on Clifton and Wilson. Read the stories below at LEN, and learn how to register to attend the online CAPS meeting which takes place Thursday, July 9th, at 7pm.

  • CAPS Beat 2311: Party in Blood Alley. The party on Clifton Street north of Wilson Avenue, aka as “Blood Alley,” continues for a second month. At the June CAPS meeting, cops said they would keep a special eye on Clifton.
  • Commander Boehmer To Host Online Meeting about Clifton Street. Problems on the 4600 block of North Clifton Street and its deleterious impact on the Uptown neighborhood will be the subject of a virtual town hall meeting Thursday, July 9, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The Chicago Police Department is introducing a new feature on its CLEARPath web site called CLEARMeeting, enabling Chicagoans to chat online with their district commanders and beat officers in addressing crime and public safety issues in their neighborhoods.


  1. Deleterious impact "BLOOD ALLEY" has on Uptown. With nickname on a street named like this no wonder all the busineses are heading out and none are coming in to replace them. I hope the CPD can and have a big effect on the low-life gangs that continue to make that areaa unsafe and unhealthy for all the residents that have to live there in fear all the time....

  2. Proof that you don't need to say a lot to mean a lot.

    Based on this officer's comment, this meeting should be renamed a Cap's meeting, cuz Cappleman got the best endorsement anyone could possible receive from a cop:

    “Well,” a cop responded, “maybe when you win, we can enforce the rules.”

    Shamon, it!

  3. I still can't beleive how bad it gets ovr there, and I worked with Drug and Gang Housing.

    By the way, the Winthrop light issue is a complex one, but my understanding is that BOE is trying to get a crew out there ASAP, I will folloiw up tomorrow.

  4. See the quote below...I say we use it on "Vote for Cappelman" political signs?? Seriously, the policemen couldn't be more clear that as long as Shiller is in charge, their hands are TIED when dealing with crime:

    "But some residents insisted that playlot age rules be enforced. James Cappleman, president of the Uptown Chicago Commission and a former aldermanic candidate, said that community residents tried to block the installation of the basketball court next to Broncho Billy, “but we were blocked politically.”

    “Well,” a cop responded, “maybe when you win, we can enforce the rules.”

  5. "By the way, the Winthrop light issue is a complex one, but my understanding is that BOE is trying to get a crew out there ASAP, I will folloiw up tomorrow."

    Merci beaucoup.

  6. "the Winthrop light issue is a complex one"

    Just how complex is it to connect power to a streetlight? I mean really!

    Has ANYONE ever lived in or seen a community that has such streetlight malfunctioning that lasts for weeks or months at a time?

    If it's not Racine, it's Clifton Malden Kenmore or Magnolia. Same problem, different 46th ward street. Same gangs and drug dealing in the cover of darkness.

    Only in Alderman Shiller's ward.

  7. If you don't like the basketball hoops at Broncho billy park then get a ladder and a ratchet set, wait til dark and go up there and take them down.

  8. I have another tag line suggestion for Mr. Cappleman ...

    Last summer, at the community meeting at Truman where 100's of neighbors met to let their voices and concerns be heard about the horrible rash of gang crime, I was sitting 2 rows behind Shiller.

    When that brave young man asked why Shiller wasn't sitting on the dais with the others, I heard her say to the women on either side of her that "crime was not her issue."


    Well, crime needs to be somebody's issue -- so maybe Mr. Cappleman will make it a priority.

  9. Great. Just what we need. Cops sitting in a station chatting on-line when they should be out on the street fighting crime. I wonder what brainiac thought this one up.

  10. "crime was not her issue."