Thursday, June 4, 2009

Couple Rob Neighbor With Butcher Knives

Read all about it at Lake Effect News.


  1. Some of our finest Uptown residents make the news again. I hope they get put away for a long time but the way our court system works they probably be back in the hood in a month doing it all over again.........

  2. Is this in the Loreli???
    A building whose residents' primary occupation is to loiter and smoke.
    What a dump!

  3. Hey at least it wasn't guns. I am trying to look at the positive parts to all these stories.

  4. No Spencer you are the idiot with your camera on CTA buses. Oh by the way Spence I thought your comrade in arms big fat angry Dave of Couraj fame, and copwatch fame was going to have a heart attack leaning against the trash can in front of Rayans Liquor store at the corner of Wilson and Clark this afternoon.

    I am not sure how much longer you will be able to count him in on your merry band of crap, he looked fatigued.

  5. Electronic name calling demonstrates low class, Spencer!
    I've lived down the street from that pit for 11 years now. I walk past it to and from the train every day.
    I think I know what I'm talking about!

  6. Yeah Larry, don't go speaking the truth about Uptown's derelict, drug-addled trash.

    You're bound to upset the forces that want to make sure this neighborhood remains a warehouse for the city's human detritus.

    After all, I'm sure this pair was just "mixed up with the wrong crowd" and really "trying to turn their lives around."

  7. Larrynow is correct. Any residents of Uptown are PAINFULLY aware of buildings that seem to be magnets of trouble.
    I'm in the Sunnyside/Malden/Magnolia ground zero area, and we all have seen the 'police blotter' for this zone.
    The only thing I haven't seen here, is Freddy Krueger.