Monday, June 22, 2009

Uptown Broadway Building Lease Updates

We hear that construction has started on the third floor of the Uptown Broadway Building to convert it to shared office suites.

Negotiations for a possible lease of the lower level are underway, and there are two offers on the table (both bar/restaurants) for the north retail space.

All good news. If you know any businesses that would be a good fit for the UBB, please contact them with the agents' information (on the banner above).
Update: A reader sends us this pic of the southernmost point of the Uptown Broadway Building that just got a fresh coat of paint to match the black granite that runs along the bottom of the building. You might remember that this was a blighted, unpainted cinder block wall belonging to the now vacant Majestic Store. Flowers have also been planted in the corner. Looks great and every bit of TLC helps.
Now, about the shuttered Majestic Store next door...
it might be high-time for a good old fashioned scrub down party for this building. The Majestic's rotting awnings and signage is a danger and should be removed ASAP before it crashes down onto an unsuspecting pederstrian below. If the CTA or Jones Lang LaSalle won't do it, Uptown neighbors might have to step up to the plate. All it would take is a couple of scrub brushes, buckets, soap and maybe some CLR rust remover. Could be a job for Truman Square Neighbors Block Club.


  1. Where do we hear this from....what's the source....

  2. Unfortunately, someone tagged this beautiful building BIG time in the back of the building last night... even with the EL tracks.... and it is huge! I called it in to 311 but if others can too, that would be great

  3. If you call it in, the address is 4704 North Broadway.

  4. There was a staggering amount of tagging last night; new construction at Buena and Kenmore was hit, and the cemetery wall along Challenger Park, both north and south, appears to have been vandalized as well.