Friday, June 19, 2009


Yet more storm damage from this morning's downpour, this time in the Carmen/Foster area. We hope no one was injured.
Thanks to the reader who sent this in.


  1. Friday is Feces Day! A new Mayoral Holiday

    As far as I'm concerned, Friday was Mayor Daley's Feces Day!

    Mayor Daley instead of opening the locks to allow at least some of the flow of fecal sewer water into the lake, decided it would be better for the fecal material to flow into residents basements.

    Let them clean it up. Another money saving manuever, perhaps.

    Water was allowed into the lake....but they decided to do it after all the basements backed up. I spent the entire day cleaning out brown sewer water ...commonly referred to as toilet water with shit and piss in it, out of the basement.

    I was told by a plumbing service they opened the locks too late...

    Tonight could be fun's going to be worse than today.

    What happened with that Tunnel that was supposed to collect all the rain water?