Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Truman Square Neighbors Block Party July 18th

(as usual, click for a larger version)


  1. I might go but only if they provide plenty of security in and around this block party......

  2. Oh, fercryinoutloud, Barry!

    It's a block party. Lots of scary and threatening people buying raffle tickets, dancing in the streets, eating burgers and brats, sitting in lawn chairs talking, and drinking lemonade.

    Yeah, you better wear your bullet-proof vest and hire a bodyguard. Horrible stuff happens at the Truman Square Block Party.

  3. Its not the people from your block I worry about its the ones I always read about and see all the time, that are in the streets all around you. Selling more then raffle tickets and drinking more then lemonade and some of the other streets around you need to wear a bullet-proof vest.....

  4. And they're going those crimes with dozens of people watching, and ready to call?

    Uhh, don't think so.

    Did you stop by at all last year? Seemed like a safe and friendly neighborhood celebration to me!