Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terra-bly Ornate Buildings

A reader pointed us to an episode of Geoffrey Baer's "Hidden Chicago" on WTTW, which features some of the many beautiful terra cotta buildings around town, including quite a few right here in Uptown.

Of course there's the Uptown Broadway Building, but also some lesser known lights, such as the New Clark Auto Repair & Body Shop (pictured), the Majestic Store building, and the Native American faces who watch over 4629 N Broadway.

A few weeks ago, in our item about the terra cotta Egyptian-themed building that's home to Nick's Uptown, a reader commented about its similarity to the Reebie Movers building in Lakeview. Well, that's addressed in the report as well.

Take a look at it here; it's an entertaining ten minutes. It's also a nice reminder of what a lovely and architecturally significant neighborhood Uptown was built to be, and how much of it still remains.


  1. Do we have any good pictures of the beautiful terra cotta buildings that were demolished at the corner of Broadway and Montrose to make way for the Wilson Yard fiasco?

  2. The Bezazian Branch of the Chicago Public Library had several vintage pictures of it hanging on the wall last time I was there.

    1226 W. Ainslie Street
    Chicago, IL 60640