Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Report From CAPS Beat 2311

The Lake Effect News has a summary of CAPS Beat 2311's meeting last night. Read all about it here. (It's so nice to have Lorraine Swanson and local news coverage back!)


  1. Is everything thats trying to be done is really being done with this dam Sunnyside Mall eye-sore. I just don`t understand why they cannot set up a operation to get all the punks who are are there night after night making the trouble that really needs to be ended. I am sure the business owners do not like the trouble by them as it makes them loose business. They should get together and hire some agency and have a security car there with a armed guard parked there for all to see. 24 X 24. There has to be a solution that these merchants have to do not only to make their business safe for all but also for the area that suffers too from these dam low-life pcs of S__t. Its time they take things into their own hands as the police seem not able to do it........

  2. I just walked down Clifton and in front of the Sylvia Center there is a large dumpster on the street. I gagged when I walked past because there was nothing but urine foam and beer froth under the container and the smell took my breath away. It has turned into a huge outdoor restroom. This street is an utter mess.

  3. This was one of the most productive and well run CAPS meetings I have ever attended. The Police were forthcomming in addressing the questions they were asked and the community brought forth some specific problems. With Specific locations and specific times of occurance.

    These are the types of meetings that will help make Uptown better.