Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lawrence/Broadway Protest

A reader mentions that she passed a protest late Thursday afternoon at Lawrence and Broadway: "I was driving & couldn’t stop to see what the protest was about, in front of the Bridgeview Bank. Lots of purple balloons and signs saying SOS – Save Our Shelter. Does anyone have the scoop?"


  1. I happened across this. It was a largely Hispanic group protesting any possible cuts that the Illinois law makers might make to the budget regarding there cause.

    The people are pressuring the Government to cut back as apposed to raising taxes in this economic environment. So groups are cluttering and panicking so not to be omitted from the budget. The irony is I am not sure if our elected officials know how to cut a budget. That would involve making hard and tough decisions.

    Long story short while Springfield and Washington pretend they are being responsible we get stuck with the people asking WHAT CAN OUR COUNTRY DO FOR US.

  2. "Ask not what our country can do for you... But what you can do for our country"

    -John F. Kennedy, DEMOCRAT

  3. Make that "your", not "our". He hee.

  4. Shouldn't they have protested outside of a State Representatives office and not a bank?

    Sounds like another group expecting their country to do for them and not what they can do for their country.

    Personally taxes here in IL are ridiculously low. Coming from CA it is a godsend, but come on. IL has the 3rd largest city in the nation. How do you expect to support a city of this magnitude with low taxes, continuous scandals, layer upon layer of bureaucratic red tape, and politicians that do not want to change their ways?

  5. Good luck...You think the elected officals will hear you...Your better off to let them know you won`t give them a vote and when the time comes don`t vote for them and work to get others to do so too...Spend you time to vote them out of office...

  6. If it's a Social Services thing, there are talks about possible closings to some shelters/social services places.

    They're in somewhat of a financial crisis at the moment apparently.

    My boyfriend works at a social services place nearby Lawrence and he mentioned the possible cuts/closings to me the other day.

  7. Times is rough, ain't they? And the government decides to cut funding to services that help the poor and under-privileged, raise taxes so that everyone, even theses people, have to pay more for living in this state and city, and then wonder why an unemployed, blighted and hopeless mob wants to protest, riot, drink in public, utilize escapism tactics, rob/cheat/steal for basic necessities.

    Let them eat cake! I guess.

  8. The gathering was for orgs/supporters who couldn't make it the downtown rally. The rally is over deep federal cuts into social service program (many have received recent notices that they may be cut 50%-100%). The purple balloons was because of Apna Ghar, one of the organizations facing the cuts. They're a domestic violence agency.