Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cooling Centers

In this sudden intense hot weather, keep in mind your neighbors who might be housebound or infirm. If they (or you) are without air conditioning or electrical power, remember that there are cooling centers all around. Please take advantage of them! Call 311 if you or a neighbor need a ride to one.

North Area Center
4740 North Sheridan Rd.
312-744-2580 (Hours 9-5)

All senior centers, during regular business hours, including:
- Northeast Senior Center
2019 W Lawrence
(312) 744-0784/(TTY) 744-0320

All libraries, during regular business hours, including:
- Bezazian Library, 1226 W Ainslie (Hours 9-8 Mon-Thur; 9-5 Fri-Sat)
- Uptown Library, 929 W Buena (Hours 9-8 Mon-Thur; 9-5 Fri-Sat)

All Park District Fieldhouses, during regular business hours, including:
- Clarendon Park, 4501 N Clarendon
- Margate Park, 4921 N Marine


  1. One of the few good things uptown offers to seniors and homebound people without AC to help beat the heat. I hope all those who need to cool down take advantage of the cooling centers.....

  2. Barry...I hope so too. Anyone who wonders why these places exist should read the book "Heat Wave" (made into a play that was produced at our very own Pegasus Theatre last year). May we never go through such a shameful episode again!