Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clarendon Park Getting $ For Improvements
No TIF Funds Needed?

A reader points out something verrrrrrry interesting:

There's no need for the Maryville neighbors to trade their souls in exchange for TIF dollars and some park work. Thanks to the Illinois legislature, which passed a last minute appropriations bill of pet projects right before they adjourned Sunday night, Clarendon Park is already getting some improvement funds.

There's more than $350K needed, we imagine, but at least it's a start... and it doesn't involve getting on board with Shiller and her dubious record on TIFs and truth telling.

Our reader also points out that McCutcheon and Uplift Schools were earmarked $300K and $250K, respectively. Funny how that happens when 68% of the property taxes that are supposed to support Chicago Public Schools get funneled away from the schools and parks and into Wilson Yard low-income housing instead.

Our reader concludes: "Not usually a fan of earmarks, but getting money this way seems almost wholesome compared to the TIF B.S." Check out the Trib article here.

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