Sunday, June 21, 2009

BET's Tribute To The Black Crooners

Chris Jones of the Tribune has some good things to say about the current Black Ensemble Theatre production, A Tribute to the Black Crooners:

If you're coming to a celebration of crooning, you surely have the right to expect some plush warbling. And in that regard, Jackie Taylor and Rueben Echoles' show delivers. Accompanied by the typically smooth live band under the firm direction of Jimmy Tillman, you get the likes of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," "Unforgettable," "Love," "Smile" and "After the Lights Go Down," sung in classy fashion by a half-dozen good-looking men with solid pipes. The standout here is a young performer named Rashawn Thompson (whom Black Ensemble trained).

The show runs through August 16; ticket information can be found in the linked articles.

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