Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weinermobile Rolls Through Uptown

East met West on Wednesday, as the iconic All-American Oscar Mayer Weinermobile visited Little Chinatown. A reader spotted it on Broadway, just south of Argyle, shortly after noon. Sadly, she didn't get to visit it and missed out on stickers and whistles. Bummer.


  1. I would have liked to see it. I remember it when I was little going back to about the late 50`s as it drove bown our street at princton and 30th in good old bridgeport. I wonder if there is still a very small man behind the wheel in his Oscar Mayer checker booard clolored outfit........

  2. must refrain from making phallic innuendo...can't make reference to my own homosexuality or gay pride next month...can't...handle... SARCASM OVERLOAD...system meltdown!

  3. It would be ironic to see this in the gay pride parade. I really wonder why they don't join?