Monday, May 18, 2009

Uptown Dog Walker Observations

Our dog-walker friend sends us this following pic and info:
"The things you can spot when you just walk around your neighborhood UU! I just noticed this "Poopadooper" bag dispenser for dog waste at the corner of Magnolia and Wilson, on the pole with the police camera. It's evidently sponsored by SSA #34 and Uptown United. Also, just up the street on Wilson where "Curves" used to be next to Jimmy John's, there were workers inside painting. I had heard from my neighbor that a chicken wing restaurant was going in there. I didn't see a "coming soon" sign so I still don't know. That's all for today."


  1. There's also the same Poopadooper on a lampost on the northwest corner of Lawrence and Marine.

    Every little bit helps.

    As for the possible introduction of another chicken shack in Uptown ...

  2. It is nice to see these around, but do you not think it is a little disappointing that we as a community have to provide devices like this?

    I mean as an animal lover, I would think that if your going to walk your dog that you would be prepared with bags in your back pocket!

    What is frustrating for me is that people allow their pets to piss and poop all over the grass strip and plants outside of my building. Costing us more that $500 to replace the damage landscaping, and forcing us to decide about putting up barrier fences.

  3. When I was growing up in Joliet, I noticed that dog owners taught their pooches to use the ALLEYS for the "business" aspect of a walk, and the sidewalks for the "pleasure" part.

    Why isn't the case in Chicago? I mean, it's not like we lack alleys.

  4. Walk around Lakeview and Lincoln Park (I know, I know...) and I think you'll see an equal (if not more) amount of poop bags available on lamp posts and the such.

  5. As a dog owner, I was happy to see these bags on posts recently. As you pointed out, Jason, I usually go out with a pocketful of bags. However, there are times when you forget or run out of bags at an inopportune moment. I think that's when the Poopadooper comes in handy as an owner - I look at it as a "Plan B."

    Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of dog owners out there that will still not pick up after their dogs. I can only hope that they get caught, fined and learn their lesson.

    I noticed recently that the Arai sportsfield/park area put up new signs that say dogs are not allowed in the park and violators will be prosecuted by the school board. I thought that was interesting since I usually see a lot of owners out there playing with their dogs. People must not be cleaning up after their dogs there and this is how the school board is addressing the issue, which is too bad. It's a nice open space to let your dog run around. Guess I can only go to Puptown now.

  6. I always have my own but its all good. Maybe some of the homeless could take note of it and use it for their waste. Not all poop waste you see is from our doggies as its from humans too specially in the uptown area.......

  7. I always wondered this, but not being a dog owner I don't really know. The grass strip between the sidewalk and the roadway, is that where animals are supposed to relieve themselves?? Is that city property or building propert??? I've seen people get yelled at by others for letting their animal relieve themselves in those areas. It doesnt bother me, but where else are they supposed to go??? I'm thinking of getting a dog, but I dont want to have to walk it half a mile to a dog park everytime it needs to take a crap. Anyway, whats the rules regarding that? I would much rather have dogs drop a load on that grass between the sidewalk and street rather than on the sidewalk, or the alley where it is near impossible I imagine to pick up.

  8. Are the Bags at least bio-degradeable? I think there is an organization called "Wags for Bags" that might have something to do with this...

  9. I saw one of these last night on Leland between Kenmore and Winthrop. Don't know who's putting them there, but am happy to see anything to makes our neighborhood a little less poopy.

  10. craindre: Some property owners get very protective of that strip of grass between the sidewalk and street commonly referred to as the "parkway." They don't like it when it gets browned or torn up due to animals using it as their toilet.

    I don't like a torn up parkway either, but it's not on my list of high priorities of keeping the area around my building looking nice. As a person living in a populated urban environment who needs to choose my battles, I consider not perfect parkways a trade off, because dog walkers can be a positive presence to keep criminals from lurking around my property. We simply make it a point to reseed our parkway every fall and spring, which helps keep them in decent if not perfect shape.

  11. I was walking down Magnolia just north of Wilson and I noticed one of the building had signs taped on the bottom of the trees asking the dogs not to piddle on the flowers. As I kept walking the signs got funnier.

    So I live in the Malden and Sunnyside area so I will say this. PEOPLE WALK YOUR DOG TO SUNNYSIDE AND STOP USING OUR DUMPSTER FOR A PEE POLE. Seriously I am like 10 feet from Sunnyside. Take your dog to the tree, not my dumpster or the light pole next to my car. YOUR DOGS PEE STINKS. It took us long enough to get the crack heads to stop using our parking lot.

    Other than that rant, what a glorious day out!

  12. craindre aucun:

    According to the Municipal Code of Chicago : “Parkway” means that portion of the public way between a public street and the nearest parallel property line including sidewalk areas. IANAL, but I would interpret that as public land.

    Also note that this says it is illegal to place chemicals on the parkway without a permit. This includes using chemicals to detract dogs from doing their business on the parkway.

    marathonman: I totally agree with your "Plan B" comment.

  13. The city says you can plant on the parkway, but they own it and have first rights. So if they need to dig up all your purty plants and flowers, they have the right to. But property owners can decorate and put in trees and fence it off... but the city gives, and the city can take away.

  14. The brilliant person who lives in the white brick house on Marine, one block south of Montrose, got hauled off by the cops for pulling up all the grass on the parkway in front of his house and spreading rat poison all over the ground.

    He said the dog droppings were causing rat problems.

    Dude... FYI - There are better ways to deal with the problem.

    Anyway, that's why the parkway there is now just a layer of rock.

  15. I knew that the family that lived there was understandable upset about the volume excrement that irresponsible pet owners left ande even had professional signs printed and posted, but attempting to poison all neighborhood dogs is indeed criminal. I certainly hope he recieves more than a slap on the wrist.

    As a dog owner in the 'hood, I'm insanely responsible and always carry extra bags for those that run out. I think the vast majority of dog owners are like me, but unfortunatly it only takes a couple of folks who think the rain will wash it all away or the euphamistic 'little old lady' who loves her companion, but is too digusted to clean up after it to spoil the dog loving community for all.

    I've seen the new bag dispensers in front of Pensacola Place and the Uptown Public Library, but doubt the good will last. Unfortunatly, an even well meaning contingent will begin to rely on the dispensers more quickly than they are replenished.

    I hope EVERY dog owner will be as responsible as possible. Not everyone loves dogs, but any resentment will be much less if we all do our part.

  16. If you need bags after your pup drops a "holsten" I suggest loading up on a supply from the "recyclable" containers they have at our glorious Uptown Jewel in the two entrance "foyers".

    Bring some extras in case Fido squeezes out an extra large "shiller" on their daily walk.

    If fido has the runs and sprays a "lil richie" all around perhaps an extra large bag would be helpful.

  17. Irish! Sounds like you're an unrecycler.

    We use biodegradable bags. Maybe I'll make a bid to the city to do the same.

    Yes, parkways are city property, but are the responsibility of the building owners to keep up, as with sidewalks. So, city property, resident responsibility. Of course.

  18. Just be forewarned that there are laws on the books pertaining to this issue:

    Municipal Code of Chicago
    Title 7 Health & Safety
    Chapter 7-12 Animal Care & Control
    7-12-420 Removal of excrement.No person shall appear with a pet upon the public ways or within public places or upon the property of another, absent that person's consent, without some means for the removal of excrement; nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by such pet. This section shall not apply to a blind person while walking his or her guide dog.

    Any person found to have been in violation of this section shall be fined not less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00 for each offense.

    (Prior code § 98-19; Amend Coun. J. 5-14-97, p. 44296)

  19. Well Jason, it sure seems like we have an awful lot of guide dogs in the 'hood. Thanks for the insight.

  20. In the words of the SNL Weekend Update people: "REALLY?" Blind people don't have to pick up after their guide dogs? Funny, I would have thought that part of the training that they receive when getting a guide dog would have been how to "take care of business." After all, their noses are not impaired...

    Actually, the guide dog belonging to a blind friend of mine several years ago was extremely well-trained and could go for hours in public without "going" until it was time to return home.