Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seen Around Uptown

A reader writes in:
"I was walking the dog yesterday and saw a few things your readers might be interested in:

The doorway that was open for quite a while next to 7-Eleven on Wilson was having a new glass door installed. No more open area for Uptown recreation.

As I came around the Wilson L storefronts I saw a group of about 7 or 8 men in CTA vests going IN the vacant storefronts, looking at the exterior of the station and taking notes. I heard one mention, "Didn't this used to be a flowershop?" in reference to one of the empty spaces.

The collapsed sewer at Broadway and Leland, in front of where the Uptown Snack Shop used to be, is finally being repaired. The workers had left a 10 foot by 5 foot deep hole uncovered with nothing but a few cones around it. It was an accident waiting to happen, and thankfully nothing happened."


  1. Forgive my pessimism - while all of this sounds great, it's horribly, horribly overdue and more than likely the result of some backroom discussions/agreements to deflect further legal action(s); and/or prime the pump of a certain election cycle.

    After reading this, I now sympathize with anyone who's ever had cab fare tossed to them after a one night stand.

  2. When does the next election cycle start, next Fall? Figures that about a year beforehand that Shiller tries to put some things on the table to campaign on.

    I'll cheer for whatever positive change she brings, but won't believe the hype. We still need a new alderman.

  3. Yes it is never too late to make some positive changes but Shiller is too litle, too late and I hope we all remember this when we vote her and her rude crew out once and for all........