Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puptown Goes Green

From the Sun-Times: Dog park promotes green waste disposal
Eco-friendly bags donated for 1 year

BY KARA SPAK, Staff Reporter/kspak@suntimes.com

Dog poop isn't the only thing that's biodegradable at one North Side dog park. Puptown in Uptown's Margate Park is now home to three artsy-looking doggie waste-bag dispensers, stocked with biodegradable bags.

The volunteers who donated a year's supply of biodegradable bags want dog owners to stop using plastic grocery bags -- which take centuries to decompose -- and try the eco-friendly bags made from corn.

"This is part of a long campaign of re-education to get people to realize those shopping bags are not for dog waste," said John Lenti, a Puptown volunteer.

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  1. What the heck is that a picture of? I can't think of anything near Puptown that looks like that photo. What an odd choice for the Sun-Times. They must really be short on staff these days!

  2. All right for the doggie bags. I usually carry my own but its all good. If only the humans could learn where to make their waste and quit watering our doorways and taking dumps by the dumpster that I have seen so ofter. My dog and myself have manners and respect so I hope humans would learn to also...

  3. They use stock photos when possible so they can avoid paying photographers.

    Anyone here work with Puptown donations? I tried contacting them twice about eco-friendly raffle items a while back and I didn't get a response. I'm wondering if the email I got isn't checked often or something.

    If anyone knows who I should contact, let me know. Or if anyone reading this IS the contact, please contact me through the website: http://www.leashwecando.com

  4. what would you rather look at? pictures of doggies pooping (or dog poop bags) or cute girls in shorts walking their dogs?