Friday, May 29, 2009

More Aldermen To Take The Fall?

"It's not clear how many of his colleagues Carothers might have ensnared. He has been somewhat radioactive since the Sun-Times reported last year he was under federal scrutiny. Colleagues have been suspicious he has been wearing a wire, City Hall sources say." (Chicago Suntimes - "Ald. Isaac Carothers wore wire for a year").

Should be interesting to sit and watch the "We don't need no Inspector General to monitor us!" City Council members sweat.


  1. The Feds are the only ones that can make these cases. You see what happens when local residents go to the Cook County courts. You lose because you never had a chance.

  2. If they could get corrupt Dickey and Helen I would take a week off and celebrate.

    The parking sell off is the biggest theft anyone has done in the US to their constituents that I can remember.

    I worked for a company in another major City that did manage parking but the City was too smart to sell the parking off to them. In fact all the money earned went into City owned bank accounts.

  3. The wierd thing about all this is...the real-estate development at the core of this scandal is actually a very nice place! I am a Realtor who took one of my clients to "Galewood Crossing" earlier this year. We were very impressed with the quality of workmanship in the condos and townhouses. They were priced at about half what they would have been in "nicer" neighborhoods. And the proposed finishing touches for the development include a gated entryway and large greenspace in the middle of the development, serving as a park for the people.

    I see that in one of the stories about this, the last paragraph notes that there will be an auction of unsold dwellings. Not at all unusual in this current market; definitely NOT a result of the hanky-panky surrounding the birth of this enclave.

  4. If they could get corrupt Dickey and Helen I would take a week off and celebrate.1 - Daley is corrupt via proxy. He ain't a brilliant man, but he's smart enough not keep at least a 2 lackey distance between himself and any unsavory behavior.

    2 - To capture on tape a woman who doesn't cast a shadow, nor can appear in a mirror, is simply wishful thinking.

    Ike is going to bring a few folks down with him, that's almost assured; but, it won't be Daley.

    And it won't be Helen.

    I would expect Helen will camp out in her special little section of Up... Andersonville and wait for things to blow over.

    Though, I would expect to see a rise in city services performed in the ward.

    Nothing obfuscates public dissent more than actually doing your d*mned job, every now and again.

  5. Patrick Fitzgerald is a stud. I would not like to be in that guys radar. When he is done cleaning up Illinois I think we should all send him thank you cards and a key to our city.

    "Colleagues have been suspicious he has been wearing a wire.."

    Hmmm why would our fine City Council Members be afraid of that?? You know why Chip isn't suspicious his friends are wearing wires?? Because Chip isn't breaking the law and doesn't have to fear his friends wearing wires!

    But seriously if any of my friends are wearing wires you will be sleeping with the fishes.

  6. Three cheers for Fitzgerald. I wonder if any bugs are in Helen Shillers office and I don`t mean cockroaches.....I think the whole Uptown would be called a party zone if they finally get her busted except for her non-tax paying friends of the ward........

  7. We've almost got a two-fer, this week.

    According to the Sun Times, when the city's IG gets tired of the city's self-protectionism (which Helen has demonstrated that she supports), they call in the Feds to investigate the dirty dealings of the Mayor's relatives.

    City pension officials refused to comply with Hoffman’s subpoenas, arguing he had no authority to demand records from themA big ol' slice of awesome.

  8. A G Madigan is investigating the parking meter sale. Interesting in that the sale involved damare's brother's bank and two of the supposed "sub-contractors' are Daley cronies.

  9. AG Madigan is investigating the parking meter deal? Big deal. Where was she when it was being forced down our throats? Grabbing headlines is what this is all about, nothing more.She is nothing more than a political hack from a family of political hacks. They are obviously grooming her for a run at the govenors office. He father is one of the main reasons this state is so screwed up. Ask her when she will investigate her fathers efforts at blocking reform in this state and what she is doing about it. Say no to more political corruption in Illinois. Say no to Madigan and every other slimeball Democrat when election time comes around.

  10. Yeah, say no to all democrats and yes to all republicans because those are the guys who'll save Illinois the same way they saved the country.

    How about we don't blindly follow ANY political party and demand higher standards from every politician who runs for public office? It's obvious from what we have that none of them have any sense of ethics, any determination between right and wrong, and not a one has any understanding of who it is they are working for. If we voted out every incumbant who was running during each election we would be much better off. As it is these *+&%#bags are in office for 20+ years and think they are owed something because of it.

    But, alas, Chicagoans don't care enough to make a meaningful difference in this god-forsaken hell-hole of a city.

  11. Chuck, the only reason I brought the Democrats up is because right now they contol the State of Illinois, they are the one's that are ruining our State.