Monday, May 11, 2009

Live Tweets From Public Safety Meeting

A reader and commenter, "yo," writes: If anyone over there is interested, I'll be live tweeting the Town Hall meeting tonight. Follow yo60640, if you can't make it, and feel free to let people know that they can follow along, if they'd like under the hash tag #uptown


  1. Thank you for doing this, Yo. I can't be there tonight so appreciate the coverage. I'd like to see our Aldermanic staff / observers do the same for other events. Being physically present at evening events is not always realistic for people who work a schedule other than 9-5.

  2. Pretty good meeting. Unfortunately it had to start with the pathetic and predictable fiction from Shiller's lacky.
    quote "What we saw from the first ever town meeting last year is that most attendees came away thrilled to hear about things they did not know Helen was accomplishing in the ward."
    What? And my question to that same lacky is: Is it even possible for any of you clowns to show up to a meeting like this without a smug adolescent smirk? You either take the problems in Uptown seriously or you dont. If its all an amusing joke, why show up at all? Helen rarely shows, maybe you should stay home with her and chill.

  3. No Helen Shiller. I will agree her assistant had an awful condescending smile on her face most of the night. Or maybe she was just in over her head. Nothing like your boss throwing you to the wolves.

    Thank you to Greg, Heather, Kathy, Joy & Others for attending and being proactive.

    I know Tom Mannis reads this so I will say this..Your Question was good and you deserved an answer but brother you need to work on your delivery. You took the attention from Heather not answering and it became about you badgering. The audience and your readers are smart, they will get your point without beating them over the head with it.

  4. Yeah Heather could have been made to look like more of an ass, had the delivery been just a little less harsh.

  5. I want to chime in as well about Tom Mannis's question. It seems pretty clear to me that they HAVE made real progress on that stretch of Sheridan she spoke about. As a result, it looked to me (an impartial observer with no preconceptions about either side) as though Tom was just looking to pick a fight and reinforce a point of view he already held. By not conceding what is obviously true, he undermined the validity of anything else he had to say.

  6. One more thing... it was definitely disappointing that Shiller didn't make it. But it's also true that Mary Ann Smith, who I (and most people on this blog) generally support, also didn't make it. I asked some people from her office about that, and they said something vague about a "prior obligation," and that they would be doing the real work anyway. But in the interest of fairness, NEITHER alderman showed, which is truly disappointing.

  7. Tom Mannis made an informative positive meeting turn STUPID.

    Thanks Uptown Rising for pointing out the TRUTH. We need more bloggers like you on Uptown Update.

  8. Probably best our alderbeast didn't show. She starts her mouth, it runs endlessy and says nothing coherent. Then,low and behold, time to end the meeting.

    Always fun to see the motlely crew from Uptown Peeps Law Center :-D

  9. Michilla, Shiller's assistant, did mention that there is new management for the scattered site housing (replaced HRC) and was hopeful that positive changes would result from that. That was good to hear, but we could have done without her smirks throughout the meeting.

    It was priceless when the one gentlemen stood up during the Q & A, thanked Harris for putting the meeting together but said how pathetic it was that our local officials couldn't attend. That drew applause.

  10. I didn't know Tom Mannis before, but I will say that his questioning - although legitimate and welcome - quickly appeared to many to be hostile, badgering, and time-wasting. I agree that in future, the point can be made more effectively and less personally-directed.

    Also, at the end, another prolonged line of questioning seemed to lead to many people just leaving the meeting in exasperation, which was unfortunate.

  11. A couple of links.

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