Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Help Plant A Vegetable Garden In Clarendon Park

Hi Neighbors,

Thanks to two enterprising Uptown women who applied for and got a grant, Clarendon Park is on its way to being the greenest park in Chicago! The raised veggie beds are just east of the Bocce Ball court at Clarendon Park.

You're invited...

Clarendon Park Community Vegetable Garden Event
Saturday, May 9, 9 am to Noon


  1. Very cool! Congrats to the 2 Uptown ladies :) Wish I could make it...

  2. I think someone, in a prior post, gave thanks to whom ever planted/tended to, the flowers at the Malden/Lawrence corner?

    It's silly I know......but I'm at Malden/Montrose, and I try to plant something new each spring.

    In my own naive way......I think a prettier neighborhood (pride of place) can only inspire.

    Can picking up miscellaneous litter/trash, and planting something new, inspire the most jaded neighbors?
    I think yes!

  3. We have had over 6,000 visitors today and also yesterday here at UU. Not sure where you all are coming from, but welcome!

  4. Awesome! UU should get a Pulizter! Seriously.
    I for one, am thankful for UU!

  5. These mavens know beauty beyond the gardens walls. The invitation and its handcrafted typography is beautiful.

  6. This is awesome! I'll be there!

  7. I live by Clarendon and Montrose and I love to see the garden we have on our sundeck that many help make. I cannot wait to see this one as it really adds to our area and it shows beauty can be found yet in our Uptown........

  8. that's so badass, who are these amazing ladies :)

  9. Katherine Bezrouch, Shaindy Robeson & Brian Oquin


  10. Shaindy & Katie are two young women who live in Uptown. Thanks to their efforts, they applied for a grant to beautify a Clarendon Park.

    They are literally putting in the blood, sweat and tears to build the raised veggie beds, get the neighborhood kids and families involved in planting and caring for the veggies.

    Residents are doing their best to restore Clarendon Park which is suffering for decades of neglect and water damage.

    It's unfortunate that not a single dime of the Wilson Yard TIF money was allocated to Clarendon Park which struggles to provide the current neighborhood kids with
    opportunities to play sports, engage in the arts, and stay off the streets.