Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dover Street Walking Tour May 16

A reader forwarded us an email he received:

Just wanted to let you all know that next Saturday morning I will be giving a free walking tour on the street where I live - Dover Street - which became a City Landmark District in late 2007. The 90-minute tour is being offered as part of the City's annual "Great Places and Great Spaces" festival. Technically you are supposed to register on-line to attend the tour, but I really don't see the need for this bureaucracy. If you are interested in coming along, just show up at the corner of Dover and Lawrence Avenue a little before 10am. If you are running a bit late just look for the group on the street.

The talk will focus on the eclectic collection of architecture and architects represented in the district, how the area was carved out of Graceland Cemetery and some of the interested folk who have lived on and/or visited Dover Street - including sainted Ill. Gov. John Peter Altgeld and Albert Einstein???

For the uninitiated, Dover is the first street east of Clark Street - roughly 1500 west. There is usually a lot of free (unmetered) parking on Lawrence. Hope to see you. John Holden


  1. I really have always liked this street. I hope crime and gangs that surround this beautiful street never can take it away from those who appreciate it....

  2. FYI - the crosswalks at Dover & Wilson and Dover & Sunnyside are being redone. Handicapped & stroller-pushing tour participants be aware.