Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicago Makes "Worst Potholes" List

Now that's impressive. Gadling travel news website recently ran a story on The Worst Potholes In The World. Nine places, like Harare (Zimbabwe) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) are featured ... and Chicago gets two of the nine spots:

"Chicago is on par with many third world countries when it comes to road repairs. Not only does the city have 100's of miles of poorly maintained roads, they also lack the money/manpower/will/interest to repair them. The city keeps telling residents that they have crews working around the clock, but try telling that to the 1000's of people who need to buy new wheels for their car after hitting one of these monstrous holes. Chicago even has a special portion on their web site where drivers can file a claim for pothole damage."

Take a look at the story here. It kind of makes our most annoying long-lasting Uptown pothole (seen above, right smack dab in the middle of the traffic lanes on the 5000 block of Marine Drive) seem maybe not so bad.


  1. Conspiracy Friday..

    I am starting to believe the reason the city doesn't fix the potholes is they do not want people to drive. Not only does it steer revenue to the CTA, but it also helps Da Mayors green agenda. We all know Daley is headstrong in his fight against "Global Warming..errr.."Climate Change."

    That has to be the answer because the only other thing left is that he is INCOMPETENT. I know the fine people people of Chicago would not elect such a person over and over and over and over and over and over again? Well good thing that would never happen in the 46th Ward.

  2. "Nine places, like Harare (Zimbabwe) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) are featured ... and Chicago gets two of the nine spots"

    Actually, 10 places and our fair city is only listed once. The full list is: Harare, Zimbabwe; Chicago, IL; Colombo, Srilanka; Jamaica; Michigan potholes from hell; New Orleans, LA; Xiamen City, China; In Russia, pothole drive you?; Kiev, Ukraine; New York, NY

    The "Michigan potholes from hell" video does look like a drive down Marine.

  3. Do you not know the difference between a pothole and a sinkhole?

  4. BUT we will have the Olympics!! and da mare with have his Potemkin Village

  5. Has anyone forwarded this to any local media sources? Perhaps if this makes the news, the city will actually get their s--t together and really fill these potholes they say they are. They are so bad outside my place that anytime a big/heavy vehicle goes by, my house shakes. About a half block down from me, we have one of those infamous sinkholes with a cone just sitting in it. An even better idea - how about we send this to the International Olympic Committee??!! The majority of these roads just really need to be repaved because I can guarantee if these potholes ever get filled they will be back in 6 months, only we'll have more. Why has there never been any real money put into the roads here? Or was that money funneled to line someone's pockets? Stroger? Daley?

    I live in Uptown/edgewater but work in the west loop and frequent many other neighborhoods like lakeview. I have NEVER seen the pothole filling "fairy" truck. I think i heard a news station say the city says there are only about 13,000 holes to patch...But seriously my block - a single block- probably has at least 200 really bad the one sinkhole that has been that way for a good 3 months. 311 has been called numerous times by numerous people over the past couple months and nothing.

  6. Some of the streets I drive down in our area show be photograped and sent to city hall. I might this weekend get a few shots and get them off to the mayors and alderwomens office. Is it the department of pot holes or maybe pot heads........