Saturday, April 4, 2009

Truman College Plays "Survey Says...."

Truman College is currently conducting a survey to find out how it can best engage and interact with the Uptown community.

Call us crazy, but this seems like a prime time to express interest in community members having the right to swim at the community college pool. After all, we're giving them $10 million for a parking garage. Seems like a fair trade.

To take the survey, click here. Do it by April 15th!

The results will be online at the Continuing Education portion of the Truman website.


  1. It seemed like a rather 'fluffy' survey in my opinion.

    Not a lot about crime, gang, and loitering issues that happen near the school's proximity.

  2. They have a great pool and gym for that matter. Everyone should write and express interest. I already have.

  3. Certainly a fluff survey with obvious input from the alderman.

    DIY classes (upholstery, embroidery, sewing, and knitting)

    Heh. Wonder if little baggies are supplied, or if participants have to BYOB(ag)?

    (Seriously, what's the fascination with embroidery around here? What am I missing?)

    There's also this:

    4. What charges/fees would be appropriate for the above programs? Please be specific and refer to program and suggested pricing.

    I would recommend/suggest that any/all of these programs be offered for free, for Uptown residents.

    A little return on our $10M TIF investment, don'tcha' think?