Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shooting At Broadway & Wilson

Details are still coming in regarding a critical shooting of a male near the intersection of Broadway and Wilson. Add any updates in the comments.

From the emails we've gotten:

- "A shooting tonight. 4643 N. Broadway. Cops are searching the intersection for shell casings and chasing down a dark complected man, dark jacket (unopened) riding a dark bike with a handgun in his right jacket pocket. There is one witness on the scene and the police think they may have a second witness. Cops are taking both to Bronco Billy."

- "From the 12th floor at Leland & Sheridan, we heard 6 shots about 20 minutes ago. About 2 minutes later the cops, ambulances, fire trucks headed toward Wilson & Broadway. Then just a bit ago we heard ambulance racing east (toward Weiss, assumedly). It looks like they blocked Broadway now."

- "Ah, a lovely warm day in Uptown and the shootings, arrests are back in high gear. Just walked by Wilson and Broadway and the police cars have Broadway shut down. Someone got shot right across from our crap-hole Wilson El Station. My spouse was driving by Broncho Billy playlot, a favorite hangout for many of the gangs, and the police had 15 or so kids lined up against the wall. Brace yourself."

- "Broadway between Leland and Wilson is a zoo/mess."

Update: The shooting victim has been identified as Antoine Williams.

Update 2: A reader tells us that at the CAPS Beat 2312 meeting, one of the commanders said it was a same-gang shooting, and that the gang had been dealing drugs from one of the storefronts on the 4600 block of Broadway. The victim isn't talking, and the police surmise the reason for the shooting is that someone in the gang was trying to work his way up the "corporate ladder."


  1. I was driving by and there were numerous cop cars blocking off Broadway between Wilson and Leland -

  2. 4500 block of Broadway....that would be in front of Wilson Yard/Alderman Shiller's office again, wouldn't it?...making this year's shootings consistant with last years...

  3. I bet TARGET is happier than ever to be moving into such a safe place. When gang crimes happen literlly at the Alderman's doorstep, and theyll be a 100 to 1 chance she'll even awknowledge it ever happened at all.
    I feel safer every day with Helen Shiller as my alderman.

  4. I was just sitting down to eat at Thai Uptown when me and 2 friends head about 4 gunshots, closer to Broadway and Leland.

    We heard that it was a drive-by, but I'm not sure if that's exactly the story.

  5. Another incident.
    I was driving south on Magnolia, near Sunnyside (near the little park with the playground) today at about
    6:30 tonight, and there were 5 squad cars, and what looked to be 15 people, lined-upped (or cuffed) by the fence. Most were female.

  6. someone was probably upset the Popeyes was still closed

  7. Ok so let me try and set this up for you Helen...

    You pack the ward full of your "supporters" however you can. Thus putting the public in jeopardy but still ensuring you get re-elected for 20 years.

    What happens when the parking garage gets built and all those cubs fans (lets face it that's why it is really getting built) come home from a night game to get greeted by a gunshot?

    Guess what happens then...the Mayor no longer covers your arse. You are exposed for what you have been doing. Which hopefully will result in some sort of criminal charges.

  8. Do current Target stores stock bullet-proof vests, 'economy-sized' mace, or stun-guns?

    They might want to check out the latest 'Uptown Crime Beat' reports, to be in sync with the resident's needs.

  9. Same Old ,Same Old

    Shit's never going to stop.

  10. I go away for awhile and things go to hell.

    Perhaps I had better pick up one of these before my inevitable return. Hell it's only April and the shootings outside Shiller's office have begun again. I had better be careful and get one of these too.Oh hell. Perhaps I could just buy a surplus armored vehicle from the government if I get a craven for some Popeye's Chicken or better yet El Pollo Loco over on Sheridan.

    At least so far the gangs haven't been using Improvised Explosive Devices to try to kill one another.

  11. So let's see if I can remember all this. In the block between 4550 and 4650 Broadway, in the past year:

    ... one man was critically wounded (last night)

    ... an innocent female was shot in the back on Christmas 2008

    ... Francis Oduro was murdered last spring

    ... gangbangers shot into a crowd of afternoon shoppers a couple years ago, on Thanksgiving Friday

    ... a gangbanger was shot dead in the doorway of 4621 Broadway a few years back.

    ... am I missing anything?

    Why all the problems on this block in particular? Could it be that the dark, deserted layout of the shops and the horrible Wilson El storefront encourage crime because there's not a lot of foot traffic and very few of the businesses keep their lights on at night? Or is it something else going on in that particular area?

    I find it ironic that days after the hearing where the urban planner talked about how the current design of the station creates blight, and UCC talked about how the funds needed to make it safer keep disappearing, there's yet another murder attempt right across the street.

    And let's not forget UU's post about the lights that would transform that block a couple weeks ago.

    I am SO SICK of this crap going on, year after year.

  12. When I was little I had this cat that would go out and kill birds and mice and then leave the dead carcass on my front door step. It was like his gift to me. I would reward his fortitude with affection.

    I see the same thing going on here. The thugs keep dropping off carcasses on Helen's doorstep. She in turns rewards their fortitude with public housing for their mothers, Couraj, and enough Methadone clinics to guarantee drug clientele.

    That being said, I would like to apologize to the memory of my dead cat for comparing him to Helen.

  13. That area needs public housing and "traffic friendly," retail big enough to put the mom & pops, convenience stores and smaller retailers like the Dollar Store out of business. Nothing deters crime quite like people with their eyes on traffic, thinking about their purchases.

    A strip of empty CTA storefronts, a methodone clinic or a head shop might help too, but those are new businesses in that block already. They obviously haven't had a strong enough impact on deterring crime.

    I guess the old saying is true: "You just can't stop crime without a high rise government housing project."

  14. Or is it something else going on in that particular area?It is that and the fact that 4500NBROADWAY to 4700NBROADWAY has plenty of escape routes. You can strike and flee with relative ease. You've got Clifton. You've got an Aldi that provides cover. You have the underpass in the 4550 N Broadway building. You have the drive thru bank. You have the CTA station.

    The criminal would see this area as rich in targets and rich in exits.

    The weather is getting better so anytime you're near 4500 Broadway after the sun sets be on the lookout. There are scouts that watch this intersection. They now have a huge construction site to use as cover or yet another escape route that covers their tracks.

  15. I think that we need to use some TIF funds to build the Olympic shooting venue at this location.

  16. This is just the start of another unsafe summer presented by our famous 46th ward protector. HELEN SCHLLER.......It really seems to be getting worse every year and take a look at the Wilson year. What a mess of ceoncrete and steel we all will have to live with now.............

  17. Just out of curiosity...aside from calling 911 or 311 to address this community's issues with problematic individuals, does anyone here interact with the aforementioned individuals to try and advise them, as well as have them spread the word that there is a growing number of individuals that are tired of the BS and aren't taking it anymore? I.E....habitual offenders of overly agrresive panhandlers, loiterers, etc?

    Or is it just my dumbass?!?! These individuals probably don't get on Uptown Update much to see the displeasure we at Uptown residents my question is, since Shiller isn't representing us on the street, who will other than ourselves. CPD can only do so some point we as members of this micro-society have to start putting our foot down.

    Mind you, I'm not suggesting those that have mouths which write checks that their asses can't cash to go out and get beer muscles and try to clean up these streets like the new sherriff in town...but still...passiveness in this case seems to create the idea that the continuance of this sort of behavior is the same as a wide open hall pass to the streets of Uptown.

    Just another Train Wreck...

  18. FYI, there are over 35 police officers detailed out of the 23rd District.

  19. I eat onions.

    Tell me your point, and I'll tell you mine...

  20. they are building a new police station at addison and halsted. why the heck aren't they building it at wilson and broadway? much gas would be saved from the police cruisers constantly flooring it as they head up broadway and sheridan.

  21. UptownTrain said...
    Or is it just my dumbass?!?!

    Mind you, I'm not suggesting those that have mouths which write checks that their asses can't cash to go out and get beer muscles and try to clean up these streets like the new sherriff in town
    I don't think you're dumb at all. Are you single?

  22. Oh boy...the multitude of directions to go with this, about we chalk my relationship status up to irrelevant & stay focused on the topic at hand?

    Although I'm told I do have a purty mouth...but again, that's neither here nor there...

  23. Sorry, but can someone explain 'Kenny' to me?

  24. Stark, if you have to ask you can't afford him.

    Uptown Train, are you inquiring about vigilantism? Interesting thought but keep this thought as well: it's illegal. Unless you wear a burgandy baret (sp?).

  25. I have noticed a lighter police presence since last summer. I call 911 nearly every morning when I see prostitutes on Sheridan or Leland, etc. It used to be police officers were driving around... Hopefully they pull out more police next weekend, when it's supposed to be 70's again.

  26. What I am disappointed about is that none of the news channels reported on this incident, but they definitely had a lot of coverage about the shooting at a car wash on the South Side. Is the North Side just to good for the local news? or are we only good enough when we all raise hell about the abuses of the TIF funds?

  27. Chuck - No Sir...vigilantism is NOT what I am talking about. Vigilantism is about going out looking for trouble, that's not something I condone.

    Numerous times I've witnessed situations in which while walking from point A to point B within the neighborhood, or while standing out front any one of the local business establishments I visit, harrassment of local and visiting patrons by panhandlers. Sometimes it's not too agressive, just repetitive...however sometimes it does get overly aggressive.

    My question was and is, what do most of you do about that sort of situation?

  28. Uptown Train - If I see a public urinator, I'll tell him to use a restroom, he's gross, etc. But beyond that, I don't really "talk back" to scofflaws in the neighborhood.

  29. My question was and is, what do most of you do about that sort of situation?Call 911. Report dangerous people. You don't have to put up with this harassment.

  30. I walk up to panhandlers and tell them that their current activity is illegal and those of us in this neighborhood don't tolerate such things. I am now calling 911 to have them removed. At this point I call 911 while still standing in front of them and describe their person and activity to the operator. I also give my name and phone number to the operator in the event I wish to call back to check the report. I have been called many things by these panhandlers but they are typically non-violent and simply resort to the usual slurs I hear daily from folks higher up the on the food chain which harms no one and makes them feel better as they leave the area.

    My thought in doing this is if they are fully aware of how much we frown upon this behavior word will travel and it will diminish. It may take a while and many, many 911 calls but I'm confident we can gain a reputation as a neighborhood of hardworking families with well trafficked public aide and very little panhandling. A neighborhood of help and not enablement.

  31. I have also noticed a lighter police presence in the area, particularly Sunnyside and Magnolia. The gangbangers are becoming more aggressive, dealing drugs with little kids around(their own it would appear), smoking joints openly during the day, etc. It seems like they are older too. I don't recognize a lot of the faces.

    I have finally gotten to the point where I can admit that I regret buying here as much as I love my place. Between the political corruption that is in your face every day and the gang problems that are not just tolerated but embraced by the powers that be, I feel sick with disgust. And I don't think it's going to be changing any time soon. Stll gonna do my part though.

  32. Kudos to you Chuck...that's pretty much what I do as well. It's helped somewhat in the areas I hang out at. There are a few individuals in particular that literaly do either a 180 or cross the street when they see me as they know full well I won't put up with it.

    Your point of them being "fully aware of how much we frown upon this behavior word will travel and it will diminish" is exactly what I hope that we within Uptown will work towards, bearing in mind that one's own personal safety is of the uptmost importance. Can't bring about positive change if you're dead...

    Thanks for helping to satisfy my curiosity on the subject!

  33. Uptown Bloodbath '09 begins. Sit back and watch the unchecked violence escalate.

    If you don't like it, move to Lincoln Park.

  34. You said it, Resident. "This ain't your college campus."

  35. Chuck and Uptown - Could you please direct your remarks to that old homeless guy who stands in front of Truman College or the El station every day, singing and shaking a cup full of coins (the Chicago way of saying "gimme money")?

  36. Jason:
    I lived in that adison-halsted area a few years back and when there was even a hint of a rumor that the police station would be moved one inch from where it is now, the neighborhood and neighborhood organziations raised absolute freakin' hell over it. Man, just think it the city had sold that corner to a retail or condo developer, then put the new po-po station where the dollar store is on broadway -- win/win, i'd say.

    And, the shooting was coevered locally. Maybe not on the front page, but when eight people get shot -- one fatally -- in Uptown, then you can be sure it'd be on the front page. Seems like you may not have to wait that long, though.

  37. Dwayne? Shoot. I'd beg to have more Dwaynes in Uptown. He bothers just about nobody. He isn't in your face. He just shakes his can and sings his song till he gets enough to pay the SRO fare.

    The worst thing I saw him do was throw an apple after a nice lady gave it to him. He has no teeth.

  38. anyone know the outcome on this one? is the guy dead? Did they catch the shooter? Did they clean up the blood this time?

    Just wondering

  39. What I've heard is that the victim may or may not live, that he's a 34-y.o. gang member, and surprise, surprise, he's not saying a word about nuthin'.

  40. Matryushka -

    I agree that there are older and even more unfriendly faces around the Sunnyside Mall. We don't know what will happen with the gang/tact units since there has been a revision of the gang task force in the city. Although our neighborhood is bad, it is apparently not nearly as bad as some South/West side neighborhoods that may well suck up a lot of the available resources.

    My understanding is that the neighborhood has really gotten better over the last several years, but it's hard not to have a little slippage with the economy and all.

    I love my condo, just don't want to feel trapped inside! I am just hoping we can all stick together, work for reform and a new alderman, and keep calling 911.

  41. Meg, Matryushka-

    I wonder if this "lighter police presence" you mention could be the result of things like Cop Watch? I mean, how would you like it if you were followed around and filmed as you do your job? Ah heck, why dance around it. I guarantee you that the lighter police presence is a result of not having enough Officers and Cop Watch. Why do anything when you know you will be filmed, put on the 10:00 news and villified because a layman who is not trained in the art of law enforcement THINKS you reacted improperly. Remember the incident on the CTA in which the coward with the camera tried to set the Officer up? You can thank those little girls (no offense to little girls) that filmed the incident for your "lighter police presence".

  42. Captain John Smith said; "An honest day's pay for an honest day's work." This guy on Wilson outside of Truman is a street performer just like those on Michigan and down in the subway. And he's never been aggressive that I've seen. I'll give this rock star a pass.

  43. Dwayne's a crack addict. See previous posts. If you want to support the crack dealers that find it so comfortable in Uptown, go ahead and fill his cup with money.

  44. No kidding. Why ANYONE would give ANY of these crackheads money is beyond me.

    Oh, Dwayne seems somewhat less psychotic so he must be a lost soul in need.

  45. definitely have noticed a more normal police presence since the gang shooting... thank you uptown neighbors for urging it :-)

    we also need to get outside! create a non-crackhead, non-gang banger presence on our streets. i love walking my completely harmless dog up and down the blocks. scofflaws are frightened of the little thing!

  46. And ya'll here - black and white - still make derogatory comments about Detroit. I've been to "both places".

  47. So this shooting on Helen's block was because of drug dealing on Helen's block, the same block as TWO methodone clinics AND and elementary school. The same block as our new SLUM. And Helen thinks this all is a good idea? Who here can say "Adle-Minded"?