Monday, April 13, 2009

Public Library Bans Offensive Body Odor

By John Keilman, Tribune Reporter
Patrons of the Schaumburg Township District Library have never been allowed to bring in the noise. Now they can't bring in the funk.

The library recently added "offensive bodily odors" to its list of prohibitions, joining more traditional no-nos such as running, rowdiness or toting an uncovered beverage.

Director Stephanie Sarnoff said the aroma would have to be so overpowering that it interfered with others' use of the facility. And while the policy stemmed from complaints about an apparently homeless person, Sarnoff said it would apply just as much to an overuse of perfume as an underuse of soap.

"People who use libraries are usually very understanding about the foibles of others," she said. "So when one or more library users complain that another person's hygiene is of such poor quality that it is prohibiting them from pursuing what they want to do, their problem becomes our problem." Continue Reading


  1. I was at the main branch of the Chicago Public Library where they kicked a man out for his BO.

  2. Maybe CTA should consider the policy.

  3. I remember that old 'reality' show Airline....where Southwest had to eject a stinky passenger.

    Ah, summer on the Redline......

  4. I wish they would adopt this at World Gym.

    Chip's Workout tip #1; If you are on a machine and the Gym is crowded but no one is within 4 machines of you, chances are..YOU STINK!

  5. The Chicago Public Library website has had a very similar policy for several years:

    "However, we ask that all patrons not [...] enter the library if you have neglected your bodily hygiene so that it gives offense and constitutes a nuisance to other patrons."

  6. On a totally unrelated note, I saw that picture and now have the Reading Rainbow theme in my head...

    Butterfly in the sky
    I can fly twice as high...
    Take a look, it's in a book
    Reading Rainbow...