Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uptown Coppers Praised For Arrest

From the Sun-Times:

"Cops praised in speedy arrest of man driving stolen SUV"

A man accused of driving a stolen SUV and a woman are in custody after the motorist allegedly battered two Chicago Police officers trying to arrest him early Sunday in the Uptown neighborhood on the North Side. Two Town Hall District Police Officers Angela Storce and Supatchar Laksanaprom are being lauded for quickly arresting the suspect.

At 1:01 a.m. the suspect was driving a Chevrolet sport-utility vehicle when he made an improper left turn near the intersection of West Montrose Avenue and North Dayton Street, according to Town Hall District police Lt. Robert Kohnen. When Storce and Laksanaprom tried to pull him over he exited the SUV and began running away while a woman in the front passenger’s seat stayed in the vehicle, according the lieutenant.

Officers Storce and Laksanaprom gave chase on foot and when they cornered him in an alley on the 4400 block of Hazel, the suspect shoved Laksanaprom and took a swing at Storce with a closed fist, Kohnen said. Read the rest of the story.

(Photo courtesy of Gerald Farinas)

Update: "Authorities threw the book at a man who allegedly battered two police officers who were trying to arrest him for possession of a stolen SUV early Sunday in the Uptown neighborhood on the North Side. Town Hall District Police Officers Angela Storce and Supatchara Laksanaprom, whose nickname is "Patch," are being lauded for quickly arresting the suspect." Read the rest of the Sun-Times update.


  1. The 23rd district has THE best officers and commander!! They work in an insane political atmopsphere of goofs like the "Beast" Kaplan -and let's not forget the "Son of a Beast"-and assorted crack pots who really should get a job and a life. In spite of all the loonies, they do a terrific job. Go to a CAP meeting and you will meet hard working dedicating officers committed to our community

  2. Everything Buenapk said is true. They really are a good group of people despite the Catholic Workers, COURAJ, or whatever they call themselves these days. Community members should visit the Clearpath website and send in compliments as they mostly get complaints from the offenders they arrest.

  3. I whole heartedly agree with everything buenapk said as well. I truly feel like the police want to have a safe vibrant Uptown community, despite what Copwatch might have you believe.

  4. Isn't it their job to serve and protect? Don't we pay them to do just exactly what these folks did? Did they go beyond their duties as cops? I'm a little bit confused with this posting.

  5. Chuckie. You poor simple person. You don't seem to have a grasp of the atmosphere in the
    46th ward. The son-of-a-beast is always suing them. Kaplan is always filming them. and O N E and the other loonies are always labeling them. We who understand this are congratulating them for doing a tough job in the political cesspool created by Helen "Stalin" Shiller.

  6. Chuck, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this one.

    Using your "they're just doing their job, so they don't deserve any praise" argument, we also shouldn't waste our breath on, for example:

    - Capt. Sullenberger from the Miracle on the Hudson (isn't it an airline pilot's job to get his passengers to their destination safely and alive? He didn't even meet half of that)

    - a fireman saving a kid from a burning building (that's part of what we pay him for, after all)

    - a sales rep who gets a bonus for doubling her quota (selling's the name of the game, so what's the big deal?)

    I worked for a company for 20 years and loved what I was doing. I was pretty good at it, too, and earned a nice living. Yet when a client made a point of writing a thank you note, or my supervisor took me out to lunch after long project was successfully completed, I appreciated the pat on the back.

    As Buenapk says, the 46th Ward isn't the easiest environment for a cop to work. But I think, anywhere on earth, managing to make an arrest - when you're being battered badly enough to send you to the hospital - is worthy of a "Nice job, officer."

  7. Right on Truman Sqr Neighbor. Chuck take a hike to Gary IN maybe they will appreciate you BS. Uptown is no longer a place for people like you. Too bad so sad oh well we will all get over it. Except maybe you.

  8. I have been in 023 for over 15 yrs. Yes we are a good group of PO's and we do the job despite the likes of Shiller and Slim Coleman and the PLO. I have done some stuff that would make your ears curl, but have had a positive effect on Uptown that you all enjoy today. I know you, but you don't know me. I'm the keeper of the secrets, maybe I'll let you know them one day.