Monday, March 23, 2009

Uptown Connection To Serial Murders?

A reader writes in: "This morning's Good Morning America featured a story about "suspicious drowning deaths of young men across the country" and their link to possible serial murders. The link to the GMA story is here.

The reporter they interviewed has set up a website detailing her investigations. When I went to her site, I noticed that one of the victims, Trevor Boehm, was found in Montrose harbor and featured on your website. Here is the link to the reporters website."


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Trevor was the Loyola student from last summer. I didn't know that his death was considered "suspicious" but that it was suicide. Do they consider suicide suspicious?

  2. Oh, and I love the picture chosen for this lead-in: a bunch of happy face pins. happy face!

  3. It's called the "smiley face killer" case. Seriously. Read the reporter's link: it's either really really creepy or really really connecting dots that don't need connecting. I can't tell which.

  4. Seems like some posters on here made comments about the potential of there being a serial killer on the loose. Not much was thought of it then, but they may be prophetic in their assessments...unfortunately.

  5. This is of course highly disturbing. But it's like a 'slow motion' replay, of what goes on in Uptown yearly.
    Murder. Drugs. Robbery. Theft.
    Residents of Uptown are exposed to 'serial' crime every day of the week.
    It's all bad.

  6. Stark, all that just from walking by the McJunkin building I bet. Not all of it, mind you, just one little storefront.