Monday, March 30, 2009

Takin' It To The Streets

"Weather Permitting"! Barring any more snow this year, the street cleaning schedule is in effect beginning in April. Check it out for your neighborhood, and stay clear of tickets for parking on the wrong side on the wrong day.

Click here for a color-coded map of the zones in 46th Ward, and click here for a schedule of when each zone is swept.

Click here for a color-coded map of the zones in 48th Ward, and click here for a schedule of when each zone is swept.

Da Fine Print: "To avoid parking tickets, the streets scheduled to be swept should remain clear of vehicles between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. ... Corresponding alleys are also subject to the street sweeping schedule."


  1. better yet ... ditch your car and ride a bike

  2. Ride a bike and OBEY traffic laws. Why do bikers belive they are above the law? A red light is a red light. A stop sign is a stop sign. A sidewalk is not a bike path.

  3. A.P., that's a nice sentiment, but my two toddlers don't have that option. People have cars for a reason...

  4. A tip for AP, if a post doesn't concern you, scroll past. No one likes preachy bike folk.
    Now for some On Subject commentary, this post is extremely useful. Thank you, UU. I live just over the border in the 47th Ward, but you can change the ward # in the URL to find any ward in the city.

  5. I called the alderman's office LAST YEAR when this started, since it was supposed to be a **trial basis**. Her office aid people complained because of snow, leaves etc. Trust me when i say, nobody in my building (3930 Pine grove) either knew about it, or thought it was a good idea.

    I noticed the signs pop up overnight, along with tickets. Her staff said "they would see who called to complain"

    Year round street sweeping is total crap, and nothing more than a shameless, naked revenue grab. She would not approve permit parking east of broadway because "it would hurt merchants" but screw those of us in high density neighborhood.

    This is yet another reason I MOVED OUT OF HER WARD.

  6. I agree that street sweeping on the lower trafficked side streets is a revenue sweep for the city. There are far too many cars that are not moved for a street sweeper to even come touch these streets. The city doesn't tow the cars because there are too many of them and too many side streets for them to park.

  7. If they don't sweep the streets the leaves and garbage clog the sewer covers and ponding occurs. Unless people are willing to clear the gutter in front of their property I see this as a plus. At least we get to see some of our tax dollars positively working. BTW I've never had a problem with no parking signs being put up in a timely manner, also the signs say when street sweeping occurs.

  8. ihatemondays: Can the street sweepers actually sweep the streets though?

    How do you sweep a street with 20 parking spaces and 15 vehicles still parked there on the sweep day?

  9. So are you saying we should abandon street sweeping because people can't obey the law? I've seen the street sweepers go around the cars, but then again I've never seen 15-20 cars parked on the street when the sweepers come.

  10. Ihatemondays, thats leaf thing is rare, if at all.

    And when talking about parking on Pine Grove,between say Addison and Irving, those of us who pay the city sticker, who cant get permit parking in the hood where we live and shop, the priority should be people.

    Furthermore, just in case the scam doesnt happen in your part of the ward, as of when I moved last fall, THERE WERE NO SIGNS POSTED for those dates outside of the May-December dates normal in the rest of the city. We all know the no-parking rules, we memorize them like our phone numbers. But they changed the rules on a whim, informed nobody, didnt post the orange no parking signs and just started writing tickets.

    Helen, your ward not generating ENOUGH revenue? Its already the Eden of parking tickets, and now the boot. For the love of God, enough!

    For anyone who thinks the signage is clear, i suggest someone walk from Broadway down Irving to Marine and count the number of signs. By my last count, there were over 40. Park here, dont park there unless your name ends in a vowel on tuesday, in a month ending in an R.

    If God can sum up the wisdom of the world in 10 rules, why can't the city in this ward?

    When i moved into the ward (1995) there werent even posted signs on sweeping dates, they just came by the day before and posted. I traveled 40wks a year and racked up almost 300 in tickets. When I complained to the aldermans office they basicaly told me to get rid of my car.

    I'm so over this.

  11. So you must have been traveling when we had the downpours and the gutters were flooded, why because debris covered the sewer. Maybe you should have a friend move your car when you're out of town or rent a space.

  12. I lived there from 1995 to 2008 and **never once** saw any flooding. And I was only away for one of those years.

    Get a space? What exactly is your damage Heather? Clearly you dont live in that end of the ward.

    Screw street sweeping, us working professionals in apartments already struggle with limited parking, sweeping once a month May - November (LIKE THE REST OF THE CITY) is just fine.

    Who died and made you parking nazi?

  13. I just gotta chime in here. If you live in any part of this city and don't know when your area is being swept you're just a moron. When I moved here in 2000 with a truck one of the first things I did was check out the sweeping schedule and paid attention to it all the time. If I got ticketed (which didn't ever happen due to my diligence) or towed (also never happened) it would have been my own fault. My vehicle is my own responsibility. Not the alderman's. Not the cop's. Not the mayor's or the governor's. This is the city and we need to keep it clean as best we can. Fo' Sho' we don't want to look like NYC from street level.