Monday, March 9, 2009

Sock Monkey Workshop Benefit

ArtsWorks has a creative benefit next week:

Sock Monkey Benefit
Date & Time: Monday, March 16th, 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: ArtWorks, 4654 N. Racine
$5 to learn how to make a sock monkey. Sock monkeys will then be donated to ArtWorks to be sold on the Giving Gallery website. Proceeds will benefit ArtWorks and provide scholarships for low-income
ArtWorks participants to attend future workshops. If you can't part with your monkey, you may then purchase them for an additional $5. Unfinished monkeys will be completed by the ArtWorks community. Register here.

Photo courtesy of UberJ at Flickr


  1. Sounds like a racket to me. I think they have control of the sock monkey market.

  2. I am not a right to lifer but I believe these monkeys want to be created and brought into the world. They need loving families and should not be used in the cruel practice of dog, throw, catch and return.

  3. Sock monkeys weird me out. I know some people love them so I hope those people support this worthy cause. As for me, you will not see me there. Creeeepy!!

    Yes. I suppose making this confession sets up the inevitable, "don't listen to Sassy---she's afraid of sock monkeys for goodness sake!" As I have said many times before, none of us are perfect. So, peace-love-unity-Uptown...except for sock monkeys. They should be banished to swank baby boutiques in Lincoln Park. We don't need their kind round these parts!

  4. Sassy,

    what would you think of a sock monkey/clown hybrid?

    Scary, huh.