Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sheridan Road Finds Its Place In The World

We're glad to see that Sheridan Road (where it intersects Ainslie) has stopped living a lie and has come out as "1000 West."

Hon, just between you and me, no one really believed you when you tried to pass yourself off as "Devon Avenue" (6400 North). Congrats on finally having the courage to show your true self to the world.

Now, can you fly your freak flag high and claim your entire identity as North Sheridan Road?


  1. OMG, Uptown Update is so gay...very funny.

  2. Kudos for whoever called this in or that read the blog to fix the sign.

    This is a classic - classic Chicago execution.

    And the plot thickens... Will this Sheridan Road sign be freed before a lingering
    10 year lifespan elapses? Can we dream of Sheridan road freedom?