Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Lesson About Trash

Seems simple enough, right? But - judging from the many corner trash cans that are overflowing with residential trash, particularly at Leland and Malden (above) - many Uptowners need a refresher course. Here we go:

Street litter goes in corner trash cans.
Garbage bags from home go into dumpsters.
Repeat as necessary.


  1. Wow that is really frustrating. This time of year it will take the wind about 20 min to spread it up and down the block. In my mind, this displays a total lack of respect for your neighborhood. But there are far to many other examples demonstrating that some people just do not care enough about the consequences of their actions to change their behavior. I am appreciative that most people have more respect for their neighbors than what this picture demonstrates.

  2. There is a similar situation at Agatite and Hazel. It's worse now than it ever has been, due to the two receptacles at Sunnyside and Hazel mysteriously disappearing a few months ago.

  3. Yes, I too noticed that the bins on Sunnysdide have been missing. When they were there, the garbage was always over-flowing.
    I don't understand. Is is SO difficult to go into the alley? Especially when everyone can clearly see that the bins are overflowing and trash is blowing everywhere?

  4. Maybe a little contest to see who can capture a nice photo of the perpetrators in action is in order.

  5. Well, give them SOME credit. At least it's near something resembling a trash recepticle and not just flung into the street. Trust me, I've seen the latter. But, yeah, I get your point.

  6. At least it's near something resembling a trash recepticle and not just flung into the street.

    One-stop buffet for the rodents. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but ... if you put your trash on the streets, you lose the right to complain about rats on that same street.

  7. Why don't all you Condo-Owners move to Lincoln Park if you don't like trash n rats n Human excremit on the street.


    20 years ago when I was a baby in Uptown we had to play in 3 feet of used condoms,needles and crack vials. And you Condo owners are complaining about human feces/ garbage everywhere/"occasional homicide" (my favorite part) you condo owners have no idea what Ald. Shiller has done for us.

    ~I still don't understand why Shiller supporters haven't put together that Uptown started to improve at the EXACT TIME us evil condo owners began moving in. Building on empty lots, tearing down or rehabbing abandoned shelled out arsoned buildings and the like. Bringing with us a safer neighborhood for all.

    Again I hear "why don't you move to Lincoln Park if you don't like it".


    I do like it or I wouldn't be living here.


    If you don't like condo owners why don't you move to Englewood or Gresham for a month. Don't forget to write to tell how much you miss US!

  8. As an aside I would urge those of you that experienced ponding in the gutter in front of your property to make sure the sewer is clear of debris.

  9. Yeah, good luck with that one. I've repeatedly seen tenants come out of the building on the NE corner of Magnolia and Leland dump their trash bags in the trash cans on that corner. Better was yesterday afternoon some girl was helping her friend fill her antifreeze in front of my building. I watched her then throw the empty jug on the street and kick it to the gutter. She then jumped in her car and started to drive away. I stopped her and asked to pick it up. She tried to tell me it wasn't her and to talk to her friend. After telling her twice that I watched her do it, she finally picked it up and took it with her (probably to just throw it on her on street).