Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Eyes Have It... What, We're Not Sure

A reader writes: "Maybe y'all have mentioned these stickers before - but, do you know what they mean?"

Nope, we're clue-free. We've seen them around Uptown, and a few times on Flickr, but no one there seems to know what they are, either. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Um. They're stickers. With a photo of eyes on them.

    Stuck up on street signs and lamp posts by a vast shadow army of homeless gang-member crack-addicted ninja prostitutes.


  2. Moderated now? This site gets more and more crotchety.

    Anywho. Street art. Heard of it?

  3. Street Art?

    Come on. I know our society has slid down to a new level of laziness but slapping a sticker on something is now art? And if it truly is art do we not have the right to discuss its validity on the scale of relevance?

    I just printed out a bunch of Stickers of Candice that I am going to place randomly around Uptown. She will be our Mona Lisa. People will come from all over the world to marvel. Future generations will ask
    "Why is her mouth open?", "Is she wearing a shower cap?", "How did she do this with Microsoft Paint?", "Daddy whats a Microsoft?"

    Then they will gather around the "Chip Douglas" sculpture that is conveniently missing it's head.

  4. Well, if anyone's an expert in "crotchety"....

    Wrong side of bed this morning, Candice?

    In any case, thanks for enlightening your neighbors who aren't as tragically hip as you in such a sweet and non-judgmental way. You Da Bomb.

  5. Candice dear, please pay your $18 and go the Art Institute, where art belongs. However, please enjoy the giant red dice painted on the condo just north of the Belmont Red Line stop, because that's an advertisement, which is sacred. ;-)

  6. If I'm not mistaken, those are actually the eyes of Sauron.

    And they're making me want to buy something, Samwise Gamgee, but I can't figure out what it is.

    No, Mr. Frodo. We're in Uptown, so it's cannot be normal viral advertising that eventually reveals itself to be promotions for Butterfinger or Gatorade. There must be some conspiracy!

    Or could it really be as Candice suggests the use of materials to insight the interest and speculation of others with no intention of using that interest to attain money or notoriety or anything? I'm frightened.

    Not nearly frightened enough.

  7. Of course the eyes are saying, "Watch your back!"

  8. Man, oh man.

    It's fascinating that a simple question: "Maybe y'all have mentioned these stickers before - but, do you know what they mean?" reveals so much about the personalities who answer it and how they color it.

    Truly a case of tabula rasa.

  9. Street Art is completely legitimate. Check for some great examples.

    Of course you can debate on whether or not it's good or whether it has meaning.

    Worst case scenario, it's viral advertising. Likely, it's just someone putting it up to grab attention and get people thinking about these things... and it seems to have worked.