Friday, March 20, 2009

Brunch, Anyone?

A foodie website, Chicago Brunch Blog, lists five of its favorite places in Uptown/Edgewater:

Broadway Cellars, 5900 N. Broadway
Cafe Too, 4715 N. Sheridan
Furama Restaurant, 4936 N. Broadway
Magnolia Cafe, 1224 W Wilson Ave
Tweet, 5020 N. Sheridan

Our favorite late Sunday morning hangout, Golden House Pancakes, isn't there, and we're wondering which spots UU readers might recommend and add to the list. The floor is yours.


  1. I'll start...
    Tiztal Cafe! Best breakfast potatoes around!

  2. Golden House is good, but Magnolia Cafe rocks. Also Andie's on Montrose is good, is that still uptown?

  3. The window seat at McDonalds with a view of Wilson and Sheridan.

    It's better than HBO!

  4. Although not in our Ward, LOL - just had to say that....I'm really loving Cafe 28 on Sunday....

    ....And can I just give a shout out to Tweet - the RED VELVET CAKE ROCKS! As does Michelle and her team....

  5. Gotta love the Golden Pancake House...just wish I could get a bloody mary there. My recommendation:

    Diva Brunch at the Spot! The Bannas Foster pancakes were out of this world.

  6. I gotta disagree on Magnolia Cafe; not overly fond of the food and the two times I was there, service was not great. In fact, a waitress made me feel like a leper when I asked if we could move from the tiny table in front of the cold door to one of the several other open tables.

  7. Furama. Best Dim Sum on the Northside.

  8. At the risk of getting billyjoes panties in a bunch...Unique So Chic has a very pleasant brunch.