Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boss Shiller

By Ben Joravsky
Chicago Reader Blogs: Clout City

After reading a couple of Mick Dumke's latest blog posts, I'm starting to wonder: What's the difference between aldermen Berny Stone and Helen Shiller?
Yes, yes, I know. One's a man, the other's a woman. One wears a suit, the other a dress. One supported the police during the Days of Rage. The other's heart--if not body--was in the street with the radicals. And, of course, during Council Wars, Stone was a member of alderman Fast Eddie Vrodolyak's band of 29. When she joined the council in 1987, Shiller was on Mayor Harold Washington's side.
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  1. Wow! Shiller's lost the loving, starry-eyed support of Ben Joravsky.

    Is there ANYONE left who still believes in her, with the possible exception of Peter Holsten?

    It's taken 22 years, but her true colors are becoming so obvious that even her long-time apologists can't hide their eyes anymore.

  2. Love the picture but you need to impose Helen's head on Boss Hog.

    I wonder if Helen is feeling the heat yet?

    Is it hot enough for you yet? Who's going to protect you when Daley goes down.

  3. 11 years ago, when the earlier incarnation of Truman Square Neighbors was meeting, we would have done anything to get people to see Shiller's true colors. Now, it's fairly common knowledge that she's a fraud. Can we please get together and get rid of her this time?!?!?!?!?

  4. Ah'm gonna' git them dUUkes!

    goot goot.

  5. Holy crap! I nearly fell off my chair reading this! I still can't believe Joravsky printed this. Wow!

    Maybe the tiff is simple, though. Moore did insult our Aldi---calling it dark and depressing. Doesn't he know it is the cornerstone to Uptown's economic revitalization?

    On another note, I LOVED the shout-out to former alderman Leon Despres. See, there is no cosmic law that requires all Chicago aldermen to be lapdogs.

    You hear that Helen??!!

    [I edited this comment. Being gone from city council isn't the same as being gone for good! LOL!]