Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aghast! An Email Blast!

We're very proud of Ald. Shiller's staff. What to our wondering eyes did appear... but a mass-mailed email newsletter from the 46th Ward office. Just a few minutes ago, and nary a mention of Cricket Hill in it.

We asked for, and got, information on the Street Sweeping Schedule (hmm, a little familiar), the Hazel Water Main construction (ditto), the Truman College Engagement Survey (let's all mention that the community would like the opportunity to swim in our community college's pool), Online Dog Registration, St. Augustine College Open House, and Cubs Parking.

Thanks for listening and responding, Maggie et al.


  1. Yeah, nice job, I do sincerely appreciate the e-mail. However, I wonder why they continue to perpetuate the lie that LV@ stickers will be mailed to people that live on LV2 streets. I've lived in the neighborhood for 3 years and never received one in the mail.

  2. Does anyone else find it amusing that things get done quicker in the neighborhood by putting them on this blog than by submitting a request to Helen's office?

  3. The email blast, while an interesting and minor step into a positive direction, does not make up for the boondoggle of "Little Caracas".

    The higher that atrocity raises "out of the ground" I'm reminded that Helen has no concern for her constituents (are current Uptowners going to be moved in?).

    Every time I walk past Truman college's new parking garage sign, and then past the Wilson stop, I'm reminded of how much of an abject failure she is.

    Note to Helen: 700 votes is not a mandate. If anything, it's a signal that you need to change your tactics.

    The fact that it took a lawsuit to get her attention is a horrible reflection on the state of affairs in the 46th ward.

    In an earlier era, she'd be lashed to a rail and carried to the city limits.

    One email, and a few website updates are a poor replacement for good governance.

  4. I'm SO encouraged, that the 46th Ward office reads this site, and takes appropriate action, based on the people that reside here.

    UU is such a wonderful reflection of resident's concerns.......I'm sure the 46 Ward office appreciates hearing about the many concerns about the bulk of it's residents.

    We all want to move forward, in the best possible way.