Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zoning Change Requested At Kenmore & Ainslie

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An Argyle Winmore Block Club resident writes:

"The Mid America Nursing Home is once again requesting a zoning change for the vacant property at corner of Kenmore and Ainslie to build a 8 story assisted living facility with 107 units. This project was rejected a few years ago by all the neighbors and because of that it was also rejected by Ald. Mary Ann Smith 48 ward.

The contact for the 4900 Kenmore LLC is Eli Davis at 312-683-0800.

I recommend contacting Ald Smith and Mr. Davis to express our displeasure of having an 8 story building dropped on a residential corner."


  1. That is so what that block DOESN'T need. If anything that block needs some non-SRO or assisted living facility.

  2. I was at one of the meetings when Mid America first presented the plans; the neighbors were overwhelmingly against it. I doubt that sentiment has changed.

    Besides, Mid Am is not the best neighbor to begin with; delivery trucks frequently block the alley between five and six a.m., making it difficult to access the garage. And because the trucks were often left unattended for fifteen, twenty minutes at a time, residents of our building have had to knock on the back door of Mid Am to find someone to move a truck so they could get to work.

    This type of construction does not need to be built on a residential corner.

  3. Is this in the TIF? If so, those of you opposed might want to watch out for a lot of support for this. The TIF probably needs money to pay for the things that it has borrowed to pay for.

    A quality assisted living facility is an asset. However, many of them are not quality and to the extent this won't be a top notch facility, from a company that only operates top notch homes, and that provides jobs with will pay living wages with benefits for all caregivers, I am inclined to take a pass on this one.