Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Gentrification Works?

Check out the following article in "Time Out Chicago" here.

A reader comments on the above article on gentrification in Uptown:

"Of course Shiller is portrayed as a messiah. No mention of the already saturated amount of low income housing that is here or the FWY lawsuit. What I most love is the housing is for "working-class families making $40,000 a year or less." Hmmm, no mention of a minimum income requirement - because there isn't one."


  1. Case in point: Though not without controversy, the Wilson Yard project that recently broke ground will comprise two eight-story apartment buildings dedicated to affordable housing—one for seniors and one for working-class families making $40,000 a year or less, says Shiller spokeswoman Yvonne Odell. Wilson Yard’s projected completion date is 2011.

    Oh nos. Is Ms. Odell off the reservation? My talking points memo from Shiller, Holsten, Daley and Friends thereof says completion date is 2010.

    The Oracle of Uptown, presently known as the local artist windows on the street side exit of Aldi, also says 2010.

    My election calender also says 2010. Although, the residents will probably be registered to vote at a location before they can receive mail at the location.

  2. 2011 is probably for the alleged Target. She'll need all the new voters in 2010.

  3. Just another nail in the coffin of journalism.

  4. Question: Doesn't the publisher of this litter producing rag live in Uptown and also own a couple of bars in boystown?

  5. Resident said, "2011 is probably for the alleged Target. She'll need all the new voters in 2010."

    No kidding! She'll need that herd of ready voters by 2011 who know what they have to do to keep those expensive, low-quality roofs over their heads paid for with taxpayers' money.

    While I'm on the subject, if you want to take a peek at a preview of what our neighborhood will look like if this vertical slum gets built, take a walk (or drive with your doors locked) on Howard St. between Sheridan and Paulina. As I drive down that street, I can't help thinking that that stretch of Howard has a distinctive Shiller touch.