Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prepare For Crowded Buses

Get ready for crowded buses if you use the #145, 146, or 147 buses. The CTA is taking 226 of the accordion-style buses out of service for inspections. Read more at Crain's here.


  1. The picture made me LOL. ;-)

  2. is that a picture of the infamous JPUSA bus?

  3. No No! That's incorrect p...

    This would be the bus that Miss Schiller uses to round up her flock and transport them to vote for her! An outdated 80's bus for an outdated 80's alderman.

    Although, p... maybe it's also the same bus YOU speak of... hmmm.....

  4. Great photo. LOL big time...

    (but don't be giving the CTA any ideas)

  5. I just rode an articulated CTA bus from Downtown to Uptown several minutes ago maybe they are putting them back into service.