Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lawsuit, What Lawsuit?

Work continues at breakneck speed on the low-income, very-low-income, and extremely low-income housing at Wilson Yard. Now they've started the above-ground framework.

Remember when housing was Phase III and was supposed to go in after the theatres, Target, Crate & Barrel, small retail shops, and "small business incubator" were completed?


  1. On the way home last night, I could see crews pouring cement just before 8:00 PM. It's almost as if they are in a hurry or something. . .

  2. No wonder they needed to pop more TIF cash into this, all of the overtime has to be driving the costs through the roof.

    My opinion, only: not only are we tax payers being ignored, but our money is being extra-wasted by Helen trying to sneak this in under the wire.

    A thought that popped through my head, and maybe there's a good reason for it: the judge didn't grant the injunction to stop the construction, and then the hearing was set for May.

    Easily, and obviously, giving more time to "Helston" (or, "Sheter", if you prefer) more time to get as much built as possible, thereby forcing the judge to allow this to abysmal monstrosity to go on ahead and finish up.

  3. No Crate and Barrel is moving in here?! Now where on earth am I going to get some skrimps, my hair did and a gravy boat to match the rest of my set? Glad I only rented here. I'm out come June 1st!