Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Images Of A Haunting Stage"

The Chicago Stage Review website has posted a photo essay of the Uptown Theatre: "Closed to the general public since 1981, this architectural and historic landmark has inspired the imagination and passion of scores of people who have never even been inside." Take a look.


  1. If you restore it, they will come.

  2. "Debbie had the opportunity to go back to the Uptown Theater with the new owner last week and her latest series of evocative images struck me as a beguiling gift during this haunting season and a lovely tribute to this haunting theater. "

    Yeesh. Even the Uptown Theater can be poverty-pimped. Please fix the damn thing or tear it down.

  3. Wow! It's so beautiful. I hope it gets restored to its former glory.

  4. DARN!!! I took a picture like that first one. I was going to send it to UU for a "where Am I located" post.

    Oh well. I snooze, I lose.