Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evening Hi-Jinks At Broadway & Montrose

A reader sends us this video from just outside the currency exchange at Broadway and Montrose. They write:

"This 22 seconds of video is just the CPD with the perps in front of the currency exchange at Montrose/Broadway/Sheridan where the "perps" apparently got into a fight(according to eyewitnesses). The only reason I have video is because I was at Jake's picking up our sandwiches.
You would have thought there was a riot or a murder the way the CPD came from every direction, at least 5 that I saw! Maybe someone inside the currency pushed a "panic" button, I don't know!"


  1. I am almost sure that will not be the last time that happens on that corner!

  2. It was just some public drinking, nothing that doesn't occur on a regular basis during CUBS season.

    I watched this happen on my way to Mr.Salsa.

  3. As I said, I am sure that will not be the last time that happens on that corner.

  4. Uh, UG, this occurs on a regular basis, but I'm not sure where CUBS season factors into this. The retail along this supposed "retail corridor" is not helped by the public drinking so I, for one, am delighted that the cops came.

  5. Well you see the "Cubs Season" remark gets back to any of the public nuisance complaints anyone has.

    "Well you see racist classist dog, men whip out their Dick Cheney's and piss around Wrigley all the time. Therefore, any such complaints around Uptown are invalid and a sign of class bias."

    That was more than public drinking. I was walking to Jewel and some of the "perps" were shoving and attempting to punch one another. The po po was on top of it in less than a minute. They are hot and heavy around here recently. That being said it was just drunks who were unlikely to even be sober enough to hurt anyone, but themselves.

    I hope Uptown Girl picked up some tacos and offered it to the offenders. I don't know if the po po made any arrests or not.

    She may have walked by me on her way to Mr Salsa. Now she can try to retrieve her memories and report me to the Sith.

  6. "Just public drinking" whether done by Cubs fans, or not - is still illegal.

    The fact that many of us (myself included) are willing to forsake the laws of the city/state/feds in order to be "be fair" to anyone is wrong.

    To do so due to extenuating circumstances (socio-economic issues, for example) simply isn't right.

    One cannot excuse illegal behavior for one group, and then rage against the same illegal behavior of another simply due to the fact that it fits a convenient theme.

  7. The day the Methadone Clinics and Section 8 housing starts generating millions of dollars for the city is the day you can compare the Cubs with the Crackheads of Uptown.

    Also the Abraham Lincoln thing is getting old. So is the word "transparency." I wonder how many hearts in Uptown would blow up if people found out Lincoln and MLK were both Republicans. Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957. John Kennedy voted against it.

    Ah, I just felt the need to say that after seeing Uptown Girls picture. I know it will get Pirate a bit to so that is a bonus.

  8. Yo - well said!
    I call the cops several times a week when folks are "just public drinking" while walking down my street. My favorite thing to do in the spring or summer after someone has a "public drink" and disposes of the can/plastic bottle in Helen's yard (the pc between the sidewalk and the street) is to pick it up shout "you dropped something" then I kindly give it back.

  9. Chip,

    don't forget the deep .. um .. commitment to civil rights demonstrated by one Richard J. Daley, and Daley's influence on the Kennedy '60 campaign.

    There's a well documented history of Daleys dallying in the white house which might be enough to make the close observer slightly ill.

    Sucks to have the dirt of reality scattered on the mental images of perceived heroes, but .. well, life's a bizatch.

  10. To Be Named Later. You got me thinking when you called the area of grass between the sidewalk and the street Helen's Yard. Where i come from it is known as the Devil's strip. Coincidence I don't think so.

  11. To Be Named Later,

    I also give cups and bottles back to those who leave them in Helen's(Satan's) yard.

    Normally, I do it with my fly unzipped and my Chip Douglas hanging out as I chase them down the street.

    By the way Chip, I just had a seance and saw and spoke to A Lincoln. He said the Republican party has become the party of the old South and that if he were alive he would be an Obama Democrat with a bad moon rising.

    Then he mooned me by pulling down his pants and flashing his George Bushes.

    With charity for all.........

  12. Irish P-

    I did not give my tacos away! I was starving.

    I don't think it's invalid to complain about public drinking in Uptown. Complain away. I understand.

    I thought it was funny that 5 or 6 cop cars came flying around the corner, it seemed a bit much.

    I had to dress up like Abe for a play that I was in, OK Chip-a-roo. So settle down.

  13. Uptown Girl I would not have given away any tacos either, as for public drinking it does not bother me. The litter and loitering that results does. I think if you are on the way somewhere you ought to be able to slam a beer or two on the way. Just discard the empties in trash receptors, not on "Helen's Yard"

    As far as the response being excessive, I don't think so any event at that intersection or the intersection of Broadway and Wilson has the potential to turn very fast into much more that it may seem.

  14. I tend to agree with Yo and Uptown girl. If you're going to complain about the public drinking at Wilson and Montrose complain about the public drinking at Wrigley Field seeing as that they are equally illegal. If you don't buy that then you're probably a classist. Also it was totally overkill to have more than one car there especially since the "tac" teams on the north side have been rolling three deep recently and the admittedly "hot and heavy" presence of the police om this side of the district recently.

    The videographer should contactCopWatch we could use her/his skills.

  15. Comparing the drinking that goes on around wrigley on game days and the drinking that goes on in uptown every day are completely different. It is not classist at all to complain about one and not the other.

    Your average Wrigley drinker is on his or her way to a game, or the next bar to get another beer. They are in transit and not loitering.

    Your average scumbag say at Broadway and Wilson or Say 4652 Kenmore, is not on the way to something rather the hanging on the sidewalk asking for money and smelling is the destination.

    CopWatch is a bunch of losers maybe next time your house gets broken into like it did last week you should take care of it on your own instead of calling the cops like you did and yelled for them to hurry.

  16. Natty,

    the issue is the cops aren't prescient.

    When they receive a call they don't know exactly what is going on until they get there.

    Given the location perhaps it was best that the fascistdogmilitia known as the Chicago Police showed up in force. That way if it had been something more serious they would have the manpower to deal with the situation appropriately.

    It's nice to know that the expert on urban law enforcement known as Natty the Whiner doesn't approve of the police lacking total knowledge of all situations and how they deploy.

    If it had been something more serious like a shooting you would then complain that the police acted inappropriately in the aftermath. Of course no matter what the police do you would think it inappropriate or criminal. Their very presence offends your world view.

    You do recall the recent murders and shootings in Uptown recently?

    These questions were rhetorical Natty please don't waste your time answering them as their might be some police activity that needs documenting. Perhaps a cop somewhere is picking his nose and you need to be there.

    As for public drinking as long as it is not causing a problem or the drinkers are not hassling folks I could really care less. Go find a tree over in the lakefront park and hang out.

    When yelling and fighting start the po po with their gorilla tactics and big nasty teeth need to be brought into the picture.

    If people are causing serious problems around Wrigley or Montrose and Broadway then the po po needs to address the issue.

  17. Yep The Irish Pirate hit it squarely on the head once again.

  18. Interesting that there are complaints when someone calls 911 and the cops don't arrive quickly enough for the caller...

    ... and now there are complaints because someone called 911 and the cops arrived in force and immediately.

    I prefer Door No. 2, thank you.

  19. Nathaniel,

    Calling people classist due to the complaints about public drinking in Uptown and not in Wrigleyville, is disingenuous.

    We complain about drinking in Uptown because we LIVE in Uptown. To be clear I also do not complain about drinking in Elgin, Palatine, West Loop, NW IN, the South Side....

  20. One group of drinkers, though irritating, have helped contribute to the strong retail in the area. The other group, also irritating, have made a strong negative impact to the retail in the area. This group also takes many trips to the ER related to their drinking and I doubt they have insurance.

    I get irritated with both, but I get more irritated with the latter. Regardless, I've called the police on both and I'm glad the police came this time around.

  21. I think Nathaniel confused "classy" with "classist".

  22. Absolutely, yes, i'd rather have more police show up than too few. We would all be complaining if it ecalated and the police response wasn't strong enough.

    And why bring Wrigley into this? Yes, obnoxious public drunkeness and urintation are disgusting, but I don't live by Wrigley. The people who live there can call the police for their own problems. What does that have to do with us?

    UH, I LIVE IN UPTOWN ... so isn't my business if I don't like the obnoxious public drunkeness and urintation / fighting going on all the time in my surroundings. Shouldn't I be allowed to call the police for that? Why oh why are we who care about our neigborhood always attacked and called racist? The drunken (and high?)trashy hooker that I've seen walking (and propositioning) down my block is white. So WHAT? I called the police. I'm white ... should I ignore her?

    I honestly don't care if my neigbors are purple and from Mars or if they live in a condo or subsidized housing. I'd just like to enjoy my neigborhood, have all Uptowners respect it, have it somewhat litter and crime-free, have a REAL commercial corridor that I'll actually use, etc...

  23. I'll be sure the next time I come across a stumbling fool with a drink in his hand I will dress him in a Cubs jersey, hand him a bus pass, fill his wallet with cash, and send him on his way to...

    Wait a minute. All public drinking is unacceptable.

    Take it to your property. Take it to a restaurant. Take it to a bar.

  24. "I'd just like to enjoy my neighborhood, have all Uptowners respect it, have it somewhat litter and crime-free, have a REAL commercial corridor that I'll actually use, etc..."

    Amen SuzyQ!

    Oh, and lets throw in an Alder man/ women who works for the people and answers to the people.

  25. nice cheap shot "p",

    yet another person on this blog that likes to personally attack people while hiding behind a fake name. you should be proud of yourself for standing up to the big bad catholic worker house and copwatch. you're a freedom fighter!

    for clarification to others, when i have been out on the streets monitoring the police and interacting with the public, i'd say that we've gotten hundreds of people who have thanked us for doing what we were doing and i can think of one woman (other than the police) who was very critical of us. so it appears that copwatch is a much needed, or at least appreciated, group in Uptown. of course some people on this blog may then say that the majority of uptown reidents are criminals or trash or whatever derogatory term comes to mind, but i wouldn't agree with that.

    also, i personally do not object to the presence of the police in uptown. however, the police should be more accountable to everyone in the communities in which they work.

  26. Ron, doesn't that hair shirt get a little itchy after a while?

  27. Ron's crib got broken in to? There is a god and he loves me. That is called getting a slice of the old karma pie. If I was a cop I would of took my sweet time getting there, but they are better people than me thank god.

    Ron, No one here says "majority of uptown residents* are criminals or trash"

    Those are your words Ron. Your feelings. Your not wrong Ron, you just a have a misguided perception of reality.

  28. Ron, we needed a sample of some classist comment that pigeon holes someone based on their class. You provided an excellent example. Not only is it untrue, but your divisive spin was that special touch that so many classist bigots like to do. Now untie the knot from your Batman cape. It appears to be too tight around your neck and you're not getting some needed oxygen.

  29. i really don't wanna get into a back and forth that could go on for days, in fact i have to leave the computer now, but "holey moley", what are you referring to?

  30. If anyone has 10-15 minutes of their time to WASTE, check out Ron's little website:


    You'll see the current posting (2/21) is a video of none other than Marc Kaplan, spewing lies about Wilson Yard. Listen to Marc "speak" for the whole community of Uptown. I like his comment (lie) about the TIF/low-income housing winning 2 to 1. Hhhmmm, wasn't on my ballot.

  31. I'm with Ron on this one. I find the police to be a necessary evil and have very little respect for them. Don't hand me that crap about them getting caught up in such dangerous situations and doing so much to protect me crap; they chose their profession and knew the dangers before they applied. They could just as well have been a banker were it not for that power hungry streak they needed to satisfy. They enjoy the attention just as much as Ms. Spears. Unfortunately the power they so enjoy also causes some damage. They must be kept in check.

  32. Wow some Catholic workers admit that an individual can control their own destiny. "Police knew what they were getting into when they chose their profession."

    All i know is that 4652 Kenmore, "The Catholic Workers House" is counter productive to the betterment of this neighborhood. They are self proclaimed anarchists. Besides How many of them are actually Catholic and even better how many of them actually work? They are dangerous people hiding behind the name of two words most rational people can find harmless.

  33. "Unfortunately the power they so enjoy also causes some damage. They must be kept in check."

    That is why we have Internal Affairs, FBI, and a Judicial System.

    It just amazes me that they call the cops when they get a break in. That is like beating your wife and then asking her to fix dinner.

  34. Chuck, there's a process in place for police brutality. If people don't like the process, they can go to City Council to amend the way it's done. I fully realize that Batman was filmed in Chicago, but that doesn't mean we hand over the monitoring of police to a private organization whose one member was sued for encouraging young kids to issue false reports of police brutality.

  35. They sure did call the police, and they screamed "PLEASE HURRY" into the phone to the 911 operator, before hanging up. 2 tactical units and three beat patrol cars as well arrived on the scene and apprehended the criminal. What was most entertaining was the lack of "Copwatch" cameras videotaping the arrest. I guess when they need the cops they need the cops. when others need the cops we are being elitist and classist and adding to the suffering of people who have by no fault of their own suffered enough.

  36. Most of the Chicago Police are fine Citizens and I am glad there are here.

    They aren't out looking for trouble like a lot of small town cops or Chicago suburban cops. Here they will actually cut you a break.

  37. I might add the Cop that Copwatch posted about getting the drunk off the bus was just doing his job.

    The drunk won't listen to him and could have grabbed the officers gun and shot him.

    These people put their lives on the line everyday for us.

  38. Irish, I'm far from being an idiot. But thanks for your input on my IQ. It's nice that you feel compelled to use personal attacks to bolster your argument. And toward someone you don't know but from this blog.

    In any case, I did specify cops as a neccesary evil. We need them. I use them. To equate my dislike for them while utilizing them with a man beating his wife while asking for dinner is a bit absurd. Marrying a woman you don't love so that you have a built in maid would be more apropos. And I will stand by my opinion that they need to be monitored by an outside entity. I would not consider Internal Affairs an outside entity or remotely unbiased. Cops will protect their own and IA is a band of cops. Someone also mentioned the city council and working with them if I had a better idea. Yeah, the same city council that rubber stamps Daley doings and ok'd Shiller's boondogle that we all agree is a waste of tax money.

    In closing, while I don't like cops I will utilize them when needed, just like I will eat my fruits and vegetables even when I don't want to because they are good for me.

  39. UpChuck,

    that attempt at "writing" you just posted proves once again that you are in fact a MOron.

    I think perhaps you need to take your medication. Are you self medicating?

    Are you having a flashback?

    PTMD Post Traumatic Moron Disorder?

    If you are going to stereotype cops as power hungry thugs then prepare to be boarded. That's a pirate term by the way.........


    By the way since I don't know you or as you put it "toward someone you don't know but from this blog" perhaps you would give cops the same courtesy you request for yourself. Judge them as individuals.

    I judge you a MOron. UPChuck.

  40. Uptown g. I have yet to see a brawl around Wrigley but it is possible you have seen one. Let's say it has happened. Does that mean it's OK in Uptown? With your warped logic, last weekend's killing of of three kids on the southside would make it OK to gun down a few in Uptown. Your tired postings are pathetic.

  41. If any of the folks for the Catholic House are reading this blog (it seems like they do) do me a favor and take care of your property on Kenmore, I thought it was vacant!

  42. CHUCK, feb 25th, 3:30 pm
    "And I will stand by my opinion that they need to be monitored by an outside entity."

    In case you haven't heard, it's called IPRA- Independent Police Review Authority. So they are monitored INDEPENDENTLY already.
    AND might I ad, those investigators are trained professionals. I believe they are hiring if you seriously want to practice what you preach.........didn't think so, it's easier to claim to do good then it actually is to DO good

  43. several points:

    IPRA only investigates incidents of "excessive force" all other incidents go to Internal Affairs.

    Internal Affairs Department is NOT and independent agency.

    Internal Affairs Department is inept and corrupt we would know seeing as that we have been forced to work with them on several occasions, which is always a frustrating venture.

  44. Nathaniel- If you have EVIDENCE, not speculation or opinion, of corruption in IAD, I am certain the Federal States Attorney's Office would be more than happy to investigate. The problem we have here is that many people, (Chuck and Nathaniel included) believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. Leniency for criminals, probation, rehab, drug school, everything except the JAIL SENTENCE which corresponds to the crime committed. Our judicial system, while not perfect, is what we have. Which is much like IAD- it's not perfect, but it's what we have. I agree some cops are not what we would like. HOWEVER, many people (Chuck and Nathaniel included) prefer to give criminals the benefit of the doubt, while not giving it to the police. To the cops who do the right thing every day, and serve us with integrity---you are saluted

  45. Excessive force is the problem isn't it? I get it you guys do not want any force used even when it is warranted. Well I hope a new alderman comes along someday and rezones 4652 N Kenmore non-residential, and the only acceptable use a gun store. Force you guys to start a citizens watch. That will get your asses kicked right quick and proper.

  46. Nathan didn't someone in your organization get in hot water over coercing a witness?

    Sounds like your little club has corruption too. Ah but what they heck you guys have $200 video cameras..you must be legit.

  47. Ron, when the police were called to assist with a burglary in progress at your place, did you get your camera out to film them? Curious minds want to know.

  48. I'm just glad as hell that I've never beaten/tortured into confessing to a crime I didn't commit.

    But let's face it, the odds of that happening to me are slim to none, since I'm affluent, white, and female, thank God.

  49. Kenny, I'm wondering if you would call the police if a minority person was committing a crime against you? You wouldn't want to take the chance that this person might get victimized by the police, heh?

  50. They did call the police against a minority when their house at 4652 N Kennore was being broken into. And yes the culprit was a minority of Presidential persuasion.

  51. Kenny said...
    I'm just glad as hell that I've never beaten/tortured into confessing to a crime I didn't commit.

    But let's face it, the odds of that happening to me are slim to none, since I'm affluent, white, and female, thank God.

    just wondering said...
    Kenny, I'm wondering if you would call the police if a minority person was committing a crime against you? You wouldn't want to take the chance that this person might get victimized by the police, heh?

    Another sad American tragedy - Limbaugh Logic.

  52. Kenny said...
    I'm just glad as hell that I've never beaten/tortured into confessing to a crime I didn't commit.

    But let's face it, the odds of that happening to me are slim to none, since I'm affluent, white, and female, thank God.

    So you are saying what? That prisoners get tortured often by the hands of CPD?

    You along with these wannabe corruption police haters at cop watch have a lot to learn about being the police and dealing with violent repeat criminals day in and day out. Do I think its ok to use physical force to coerce a confession, absolutely not. However I also do not deal with asshole criminals with kid gloves either. The moment a police officer hesitates and allows a criminal benefit of the doubt is that exact same moment when said criminal will take advantage of the police. Trust me, walk a mile in a hard working police officer's shoes and every single one of you doubters and naysayers would do an about face. And one more thing, this one although not 100% true has been seen to be true more often than not. "you are only a Liberal until you are a victim."

    And the word Liberal is meant to describe those bleeding hearts that would rather dine with a criminal than with the police who protect and serve.

    - A Chicago Police Officer who gets satisfaction from locking up bad guys

  53. How many times do I have to tell you folks...statisitics in incompetent hands are dangerous. I don't know the actual statistics, these are only to illustrate my point.

    Yes, you're more likely to be abused by the police if you're a young black man but how likely? If 1 in 5,000 arrests of a white woman yields abuse and 3 in 5,000 arrests of a black man yields abuse, then a black man is 3 times as likely to be abused although the fact remains a black man being arrested is still incredibly unlikely to be abused. My perception is that COPWATCH would have us believe the vast majority of interactions between blacks and cops result in abuse. While I believe the nature of the profession tends to attract power abusers and may have more than the general population I've seen no evidence, and don't doubt, the vast majority of cops are honest, hard-working and fair-minded. Again, for example, if the general population resulted in 1 in every 250 people had power issues, I wouldn't be surprised if the police force was 2 in 250 which is twice as likely but still very very unlikely.

  54. I've noticed that there are often two camps on this blog: those that want the same standards enacted throughout the ward as should be done in other wards, and those who believe certain groups of people deserve lower standards because they're victims. I don't believe they realize that when they do this, they make the plight of victims worse. I see it at CAPS meetings, with different organizations, with the way we interact with youth, the mentally ill, the homeless, with habitual criminals, public drinkers, aggressive begging, etc.

    The other difference is that the camp that has lower expectations for their victims has often promoted the ends justifying the means and they sometimes have no problem with lying to promote their cause. (Thus, one of the copwatch members was sued for encouraging youth to issue false reports of police violence. Never mind what damage that does to the youth.)

    If logic is used to end an argument, they will remain quiet only to resurface with the very same argument again. There is no interest in changing their viewpoint. It's all about holding onto a philosophy with blinders held tightly in place. Now that's sad.

  55. Buenapk-

    It is irrational of you to compare public drinking and murder. I never said it was ok for public drinking to go on anywhere, and I don't think it's ok to shoot people.

    Your example is juvenile.

  56. Bradley, in my entire career as a Chicago Police Officer which is rapidly approaching the thirty year mark, I've NEVER seen any Police misconduct towards a citizen that was not initiated by the citizen. Never. And that includes all races or gender.In those instances involving what is perceived as misconduct between the Police and citizen, they were without fail, the result of something the citizen/arrestee did or said. Now I'm sure I'm about to be called a liar by some, but as God as my witness, what I said is the truth.

    There are people on this planet that think they can abuse a Police Officer both physically and verbally simply because it is part of being a Police Officer. That's not what we get paid for. While I agree a Police Officer needs to develop a "thick skin", nowhere in my job description does it say that I'm to be the recipient of abuse. There are also those that think it's cool to film Police Officers as they go about there job or that it's OK to stage incidents during which the Police Officer is provoked and then film the Officers response to this provocation, post it on the Internet while at the same time, omitting the provcation which caused the incident. These types of people are nothing more than slimey little knats who contribute nothing to society and instead actually detract from it, which I suppose is their goal.

    Finally, Police Officers are NOT power abusers and Police work does not attract any more people with that type of thought process than any other occupation. We/I did not come on this job to abuse people or to take out our frustrations on the public. I came on this job because I thought it would be an exciting, decent paying job with decent benefits that would enable me to "give something back" to society. So far it has been pretty much all that. I, as well as most Police Officers, can tell you stories about incidents that I have been involved in that would make your hair stand on end. I can tell you stories during which I/We have saved peoples lives or prevented them from serious harm. That's the good part. I can also tell you about Police Officers being shot as I have been, stabbed as I have been, spat upon as I have been, cursed at as I have been, sued as I have been and an assortment of other unpleasantries that NO Police Officer should have to endure.

    While I hate to be dramatic, it is a fact that everyday Police Officers go out and try to do a good job, to earn their pay, to make their areas a little bit better and that while doing that, they run the risk of not returning home at the end of their tour of duty. During my time as a Chicago Police Officer I have had the unpleasant task of burying five of my friends who were killed in the line of duty. There are not many professions in which someone can make a statement like that. Yet these guys go out everyday and do the job.

    To those that support us such as you Brad, I say thank you. To those of you that think we are power hungry, brutal thugs, I ask you to walk a mile in my shoes and see the scum of the earth that we have to deal with everyday. I can guarantee you that your opinion will change. It has every time I've taken a person who was suspicious about the Police or just didn't like us on board with me as a ride along.

  57. Big Daddy and CC122578-
    Thanks for joining the discussion. I think the vast majority of UU readers approve of the job that the CPD does and are grateful for quick responses to incidents like what was shown in this video. Keep up the good work!
    And to our readers- The CAPS meetings are updated on the main page on the right. Please spread the word and speak up about crimes or suspicious activity you see in your neighborhood.

  58. Something tells me "Nathanial" hasn't lived in the neighborhood too long.

  59. Wait until the wilson yard has its units filled. This will be a hourly thing and you can thank ourfearless Schller for the harm she has and is doing to my uptown.....