Monday, February 23, 2009

Mouse In The House

Don't read this one while you're having dinner.

311 Call: Dining Staff Used Utensils To Kill Mice. When a customer claimed to see workers at an Uptown restaurant using cooking utensils to kill mice, city health inspectors killed the diner's license to operate. The North Side restaurant was closed down Monday afternoon after inspectors found evidence of a mouse and cockroach infestation.

Nigerian Kitchen at 1363 W. Wilson was ordered closed when inspectors found mouse feces throughout the restaurant, cockroaches crawling on a wall and wastewater backing up from three clogged sinks in the kitchen, according to a release from the City Dept. of Public Health.

Read all about it here (if you dare). Thanks to the reader who brought this to our attention.


  1. That is sick. I feel better knowing I never ordered from there. Wow.

    Thanks UU.

  2. Eeeeuw! I did read the full story on the CBS2 link. Now I'm REALLY glad I never stopped in there!

  3. Now, now, there is a silver lining to everything. At least they weren't killing rats with kitchen utensils.

    Food for thought.

  4. Most restaurants in the world have cockroaches and mice.

    I've seen them in the Pump room and I've seen them in local restaurants....

    You have to go into the kitchen.

    Nothing unusual about it.

    It's as common as chicken soup.

  5. It should also be noted that the Einstein Bagels at 5318 N. Clark Street was closed last week for the SECOND time! Inspectors found over 300 mouse droppings in the kitchen, dining room and other parts of the restaurant, according to department spokesman Tim Hadac. Einstein also failed a Feb. 6, 2009 inspection for the same reason.

  6. Einsteins is in Andersonville which is not Uptown.

  7. Those were mouse turds???? I thought they were poppy seeds!!!! Now I'm gunna be sick.

  8. Makes you think twice about ordering the everything bagel.

  9. Three blind mice,
    three blind mice..............

    I always wondered what was in a mince meat pie....

  10. Andersonville is North Uptown...

    Andersonville (North Uptown)
    This area of Uptown has been identified as many different names over the years. Its borders are Lawrence to the south, Broadway to the East, Clark to the west, and Foster to the north. Andersonville Terrace, or SOFO (South of Foster) are names often given to the area by those who wish to identify more closely with the part of the neighborhood that borders Andersonville.