Monday, February 9, 2009

After 15 Years Of Visits, 'ER' Shoots Final Chicago Scenes

The Tribune (and other newspapers around the country who ran the syndicated version of the story) visited Uptown for ER's last Chicago shoot:

CHICAGO -- Actor David Lyons stomps his feet under the “L” in Uptown, trying to keep warm. He’s here as Dr. Simon Brenner, clad in a thin black coat over a white doctor’s coat, to shoot scenes for the final few episodes of “ER.”

Even though the NBC drama is wrapping its 15th season of shooting here intermittently, Lyons is a Chicago virgin. He has been with the show slightly longer than a year, and this is his first exposure to Chicago’s winter-scape.

A few minutes before, the Australian native joked that when “ER” shoots exteriors in Los Angeles, “We’re constantly being told to act cold. ... Now it’s so cold, you can’t act.” But for a scene on the North Side at Leland Avenue and Broadway, the near-zero temperature provides motivation.

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  1. "I have to stand out there, waiting for the camera to roll, getting irritated. And you can use it,” Lyons says — especially for a Dumpster-side scuffle he has with a potential criminal.

    Of course they pick Uptown to depict a crime scene! ;-)

  2. Just the thought of those frozen Aussie nipples and I've got perma-grin. I sat at work watching them tape this smiling the whole time. I bet he could have cut glass with those puppies.

  3. Easy there, killer.

    Note the pic in the article. Volpe makes the presser, but Daley doesn't?

    It's not like ER hasn't helped the image of Chicago over the last 15 years.

    You'd think Mayor Mumbles could take a few minutes from all of his Golem-like Olympic money grubbing to show a little love.