Friday, January 23, 2009

A Shot (or Eight, or Nine) In The Dark

Sad to say, we've been getting quite a few emails about gunshots early this morning. A reader writes:

"There were 8-9 gunshots fired in the alley next to 1462 W. Leland. The shots occurred after a loud altercation, then the gunshots, followed by screaming. I placed a 911 call and they noted that several people from the neighborhood had also called."

Anyone know any more details?


  1. We heard 10-15 shots around 3:30 am - three bursts of 4-5 shots each. We called and were told that others had called in. There were police at the corner of Leland/Dover and they were talking to three guys in an Audi. The guys were out of the car and the police seemed to be looking in the car, but eventually the guys drove away and so did the police. We were woken up by the gunshots so didn't hear any screaming or an altercation.

  2. I too heard the shots, I looked out the window and saw two black guys running.

  3. I live on the 3rd floor of the building next to the shots. It was so scary. I can't imagine what the family on the first floor thought if they heard anything (they have a baby).

    The crime in the area gets worse and worse. I've started to notice that a good half of the incidents that occur stem from Carol's Pub.

    I did some research and found out that 48% of the crimes on Leland Ave occur from the 1440-1490 blocks.

  4. Anybody hear any updates about these shots? Do we know what they were for or about or by? It seems a bit odd that this many days (yeah, I know it's only three, but we usually know more in these short time spans) has gone by and we still know nothing. Or at least had any updates.

  5. Here's what CPD sent to me after I inquired about the incident...

    My name is Alex Silva and I am the Community Policing Sergeant here in the 23rd District. I checked the call you were emailing about and the shots fired incident you are speaking of was called in by over half a dozen people in your area. I checked the 911 system and the first three calls came in at 3:32am. The call was dispatched at 3:33am to beat 2311. At 3:34am beats 2313 and 2324 come up to assist. At 3:37am beat 2312 also came up to assist. The call record also indicates that cars were searching the area of Lawrence/Clark and the area of Leland/Broadway. At 3:44am the originally assigned car closed the job with a code which means they were unable to find anything.

    I don't know where you live and perhaps you could not see any cars from your window but the response to this call was exemplary in my opinion. Three beat cars responded in the first two minutes and another several minutes later. I can almost guarantee that other cars that did not come up on the radio also responded to the area. This often happens when cars respond but do not want to tie up the radio with unnecessary talk.

    I know that there is great concern over the safety of Uptown and I can tell you with all confidence that the response to such calls is always the highest priority and cars will even leave other less critical jobs to respond to shots fired calls when they come out on the air.

    If you have any more concerns feel free to call me.

    Sergeant Alex Silva
    23rd District CAPS office