Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pete's Weather Updated With New Site

Some of our readers might not be aware of "Pete's Weather," a site that shows the current weather conditions in Uptown at Lawrence and Kenmore. We have had the link off on the right for a while now, but a reader alerted us to the fact that the site has been revamped. Check out


  1. Pete's is a great site. I check out the temperature before I head out for various activities. Not to include breaking windows, burglarizing businesses, and displaying my artistic talent through graffiti.

    Seriously, I look at the site frequentluy.

  2. Wow. Cool site, I'll have to check it out more, good for sailing....

    But does that really say he is a member of the Weather Underground? Like with Ayers? (Maybe I have that wrong.)

  3. Very cool site, I just added it to my favorites..