Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Game In Town

There’s a new online game with an Uptown theme, on… (Look on the top right corner for the button.)

The Uptown Chicago Mistake Hunter Game : Compare identical Uptown Chicago pictures to see if you can find the mistakes in the copy. (If you look closely, Alderman Shiller can be spotted in one of the photos.)

Thanks, Magnolia Malden Neighbors!


  1. Hey MM Neighbors, maybe it's just me, but that site is not behaving very well using Firefox. I am taken to what looks like an older version of the website with the old street lamp image. If I "refresh" my browser window, I see what looks like the new website, but in less than a second get re-directed back to the older page. Internet Explorer seems to work OK.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Confused.

    This amateur web design thing was much easier back in the days before popup blockers, personal firewalls, etc.

    Some companies (AOL, for instance) would store web pages to their servers so it would speed up content loading, and probably so they could also scan them for viruses in advance.

    I worked with AOL tech support for what seemed like months a few years ago to find a fix. They weren't much help.

    If someone else has an idea, other than for Confused to use Microsoft's Explorer, I'm willing to try.


  3. YIKES! Hello Rod Serling! As if Helen would appear at any, local constructive event! I don't think so.

    Fun game nonetheless.