Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Unfinished Work In Buena Park

A reader writes in:

I wanted to share pictures of torn up sidewalks and street corners at Kenmore and Buena in the Buena Park Neighborhood of Uptown.

The work has gone on unfinished for quite a while now (early October) and not only is it an eye sore but it’s a mess for residents in the area. When we have wintry weather it is treacherous. Also look at how that one building has 2x4’s as their entry way.

I hope the city or whomever is outsourced to this project to redo the sidewalks here and street corners gets this work done ASAP while the weather is “decent.”

Thank you,
Concerned resident


  1. Similar issues at all four corners of Leland and Winthrop, although thankfully not dating back to October.

    I commend the city for repairing several of the corner sidewalk sections, but there has definitely been an uptick in the time it takes to get them done once they rip them apart. I always joke with people that there must be one team that starts projects and other that finishes them.

  2. Our building is at one of the affected corners at Buena and Kenmore. Our entire sidewalk was rebuilt just about 4 years ago. Also, new crosswalks and new sidewalk ramps were built at the Buena Circle playlot just last year (or was it 2 years now?). Why could this work have not happened then? It seems wasteful, and I am not aware of any notification from the city as to why this is being done in the first place!

  3. Not to mention a safety hazard for the St. Mary's School kids who may be walking around there.

  4. It was just crazy to start this project with winter approaching. I think it was more around Nov. 1 that it started, but regardless--it shows a total lack of planning.

    I just wonder if it is a way for Shiller to frustrate us through the winter since she knows the majority of BP is supporting 'fix wilson yard'.

  5. and what's up with the sidewalks that are blocked off on Montrose because of the leaning cemetery wall. That, combined with Truman and Wilson Yard work/blockages is very frustrating.

    When are they actually going to work on the wall?

  6. Spoke with a city employee (CDOT) this morning at the NE corner of Buena and Kenmore: the city is installing ADA-mandated ramps (red, I think he said?) for these intersections.

    Here is a description of the project overall:

    The Buena-Kenmore Public Information Office

  7. Well, crap, now I need to go back to being grumpy. I guess the city is only doing this work I initially commended them on because they are being forced to comply with the ADA Act. I should have known the city wasn't spending money just to improve our infrastructure. They're probably only doing it to avoid being sued. Bah-Humbug!

  8. These corners already HAD wheelchair ramps, nice, even, relatively new ramps. Why they need to rip up tons of curbs and sidewalks to install those dumb small textured red strips, that are about three feet by four feet in size, is BEYOND me. What a collossal waste of city funds.

    They also by mistake, I guess, ripped up underground sprinkler systems on the property at Buena and Sheridan during their demolition in November, which will cost the city plenty to fix.

    P.S. I particlularly enjoy seeing the crews of city workers sittin' in their cars for hours on end on site during the few days that work is underway.