Monday, January 26, 2009

Mo' Money

If you want to see Ald. Shiller's campaign finance reports over the years, go to Helen's Money, where it's all laid out for you. A reader reports that the latest D-2s are now public, and he found some fun stuff there.

"Ald. Shiller's campaign finance report for June - December 2008 just hit the state campaign disclosure website. If you search for her report and click on itemized contributions, there are a couple fun donations:

Target, 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403
$1,000.00, 12/3/2008 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Shiller

That was probably the $1000 they meant to use for a 'Coming Soon' sign.

Walsh Construction, 929 W Adams, Chicago, IL 60607
$1,000.00, 1/20/2008 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Shiller

Wonder how they felt about this when they pulled their equipment from Wilson Yard because they weren't getting paid.

Also of note as I skimmed the thing:

Nick's Uptown (Kimmick Corp), 4015-17 N Sheridan, Chicago, IL 60613
$500.00, 11/24/2008 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Shiller

I guess you can host Fix Wilson Yard fundraisers, and have your aldermanic cake too.

And the most curious contribution:

Quick Turnaround Services - a crisis management firm
Quick Turnaround Services Inc, , 2246 W 24th St, Chicago, IL 60608
$200.00, 11/21/2008 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Shiller"


  1. Pissed me off to hear that nick's is donating to the alderbeast. Nick went door to door getting signatures for his petition to get nick's on Wilson cleared for opening....

    To discover that he's double dipping puts a bad taste in my mouth.

    I won't be back. And I hope anyone else who feels abused by shiller's shenanigans will think twice before giving these places our business. Pay to play is bullshit!

  2. Nick's probably donated to help reduce the chances they'd get a "random" health department inspection...

  3. Hey. Helen was good this year. Santa Klaus and his agents at Target had her on the "nice list".

  4. Nick's has been giving on a regular basis for several years. He donates about $500 every six months. This stopped either the end of '07 or the beginning of '08 and I had hoped it was a lesson learned. Apparently it isn't. I understand he has TWO businesses in the neighborhood to be concerned about but...

    and if he was donating smaller amounts less frequently there would be more understanding of this indiscretion.

    By the bye, I went in to Bridgeview Bank and discussed their aldermanic contributions with the branch manager to let him know my disapproval of these actions being a member of the community and a customer for almost nine years of the bank. I also spoke with him about his bank's acceptance of TARP funds and my strong disapproval of this action. He (Jerry) said he welcomes input from anyone who is a customer about this action as well as the Shiller contributions. I can post his e-mail if anyone is interested.

    I think we should all e-mail Nick's with our input as well.

  5. Sam Banks drops $550?

    Any time you see the surname "Banks" involved with political contributions in Chicago, you know something ain't kosher.

    Son of the man who heads the zoning committee "donating" cash to an alderman of another ward should raise an eyebrow, as well as a significant amount of tax payer dander.

    Further -- Gary Chico hosted a Blago fundraiser the day before the arrest, and has spent a little time with Daley as the deputy Chief of Staff.

    Andrew Deppe is a masseur (hmm...).

    I'm a shade astonished that I'm not more astonished at the obvious crap being shoveled around this ward.

    If businesses are "donating" to Shiller (ie - funding an extortion campaign), there has to be something that can be done on our end to help these folks out.

    To quote Pooh: "ponder, ponder, ponder".

  6. Oh, and for anyone interested, I see John Cullerton's group tossed some coinage to our beloved alderman.

    That'd be the IL Senate president, John Cullerton.

    Also - checked the 1/08 - 6/08 amended disclosure.

    A few new names pop up, and one of them is Terry Teele; TIF lobbyist who worked the Grossinger Auto Group TIF district recommendation, and another former deputy chief of staff for Daley.

    And .. why is Shiller spending money on architects?

  7. The alderjoke's campaign returned one donation.

    What the hell do you have to do to get that to happen?


    War Criminal?

    Child Porn Purveyor?

    This DLA Piper outfit must be some naughty folks. Probably some kind of "conflict of interest". Not that many politicians recognize what that phrase really means.

    DLA Piper 6225 Smith Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21209 $1,500.00
    11/3/2008 Expenditure
    Citizens for Shiller return contribution
    Citizens for Helen Shiller

  8. *cough*

    Speaking of Gery Chico

    (Chicago Christian Industrial League shelter ... Patti Blagojevich, $25M ... blah blah blah - I mean, with friends like these, does Shiller even need to bother with elections?)

  9. interesting!

    Santana is a County employee who has a little side business preparing attack pieces.

    VICTOR SANTANA, president
    2246 W 24TH ST CHICAGO 60608

    Defeated candidate sues for libel over brochure

    Chicago Sun-Times - Thursday, April 27, 2000


    Two Chicago Democrats are accused in a libel suit of producing a brochure for Republican Cook County Commissioner Carl Hansen that falsely called a political challenger a "slumlord," "tax cheat" and "flesh peddler."

    The brochure attacking plaintiff Mike Olszewski was drawn up by Victor Santana, a Chicago Democrat who works for the County Tax Board of Review and is married to the secretary of Hansen, a Mount Prospect Republican. ...

  10. DLA Piper is the largest law firm in the U.S. and does a significant amount of commercial real estate work.

  11. Piper handled Holsten's deal in WY

  12. Can anyone tell who owns 835 W. Wilson? They contributed in the first half of 07...

  13. I can do better than that

    I can tell you how to find out who owns a property

    see if you can find it here

    grab the PIN and take it over to the recorder

    read backwards chronologically to the most recent deed

    also check the current taxpayer of record