Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet With The Maryville Developer

From Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association:

"The meeting has been scheduled with the Maryville developer. At this meeting they will present their initial design ideas, and explain their construction schedule and proposed uses for the site. The community will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns. The meeting will take place next Wednesday, February 4th, 7pm at the Clarendon Park fieldhouse. The fieldhouse is located at Sunnyside and Clarendon. It is imperative we have a strong neighborhood showing for this event if we want the developer to take our concerns seriously. Please take the time to attend."


  1. I would like to remind our neighbors that attend to think of Wilson Yards...and all the promises made during the "planning stages"..... and all the promises now broken....

    Beware the Trojan Horse...

  2. I recall one "developer meeting" that Ald. Shiller invited the community.

    This meeting was for the community to "share ideas" with Ald. Shiller whether or not to let a developer tear down a house on Beacon. Of the 100 or so people there, only one man was in favor of tearing it down. At the end of the meeting, the Alderman said that the group didn't represent the entire community and she would have to think about it.

    The house is a vacant lot now.

  3. I’ll be at the meeting because I’m very wary about this project (not that we’re going to be told the truth). This quote from the Suntimes Dave Roeder article confirms my suspicions “A zoning change for housing on the Maryville site would carry a requirement that 10 percent of the units be set at below-market prices or rents. TIF funds could increase that commitment.”

  4. No matter what, lets sue to stop this one before they start building if it is a boondoggle like WY.

    You lose you leverage once the project is underway.

    Also tape all these meetings for future court proceedings.

  5. Does anyone know if the proposal is for "mixed income" housing?

    Any information about the retail space?

  6. All developers exaggerate during the planning stages. That goes for the smallest development all the way up to the Trump building.

    I'm not sure why anyone would call for a lawsuit "no matter what" before hearing more about the development. Care to explain "R", have you heard something problematic about the development?

  7. Question:

    A developer is able to get progress on the Maryville site w/o TIF funds; but an open parcel of land, adjacent to transit, requires TIF funding since, as we were told, no developer would touch it w/o government assistance?

  8. This meeting represents our moment of clout. We must express ourselves clearly, have a great turnout and remain focused on the topics on hand.

    I don't speak for myself ('cause I don't have a car) but from the previous community meetings parking was a big issue. We need to explain to the Developer that this neighborhood cannot take a public parking hit. If anything, we need to increase the available parking.

  9. Public parking is not the only auto related issue for this property. Even if there were plenty of spaces for the impending residents, traffic congestion would be a nightmare in the pleasant weather Chicago is know to experience when all the planets align. Traffic will crawl from Marine Drive all the way to Broadway and beyond. Even for those of us without cars would be affected if we take the CTA.

  10. I think they will have to do a traffic study -as if that makes it all ok. but you're right, we all need to come prepared to concisely state our needs/concerns.

  11. Sorry the point I was trying to make was to be prepared to sue if it's not a good fit for the neighborhood.

    Shiller will say what you want to hear when in fact she has a whole different project that she is actually angling toward.

    Also no TIF funds are needed for this project it's a prime piece of lake front real estate in Uptown.

    Some of the last to be developed on the lake front.

    I would rather see it sit empty until the economy rebounds and then a "real" developer buys the land and builds on it.

    I am sick of my tax dollars capitalizing developers in Chicago.

  12. Gotcha R. I agree, the more information we get early on the better. I am pro-development, but definitely anti-TIF. It makes it tough on the neighborhood when no one expects any transparency or representation from their alderman. It is up to us until 2011.

  13. Also us condo owners should not be ashamed to admit we want to protect our property values.

    I am sure Helen does up on Carman.

  14. There should never be any shame in wanting to protect one's property values.

    We work our butts off to own a place, and there's no good g** d**med reason to be made to feel bad because of what we've earned.

    It does suck that there is poverty in the world, and with a proper mix of government and private activity, we can help those who need it; but, not in such a way to risk our investments.

    Especially when having a discussion with a developer!

    This meeting is about all about money.

    The developer wants to make cash - so do the condo owners.

    A happy medium exists, and if we can find a way to spin a little help to the poor, swell; but, not at the expense of progress.

    An old point; but always good to repeat: Helen's been "helping" the poor for two decades, and they are STILL poor, and we're losing money in the process.

    She needs to stay out of it, and we need to stand up for ourselves.

  15. Uptown is what happens when Hillbillies like Helen come to the big city and try their social experiment.

    In my opinion she like GRod has a major personality disorder.

  16. And Daley isn't too far behind.

  17. Shiller has a profound personality disorder. Like G. Rod (and many mean-spirited criminals), she has antisocial and narcissistic features. This is why sincerely have zero concern, regard, or respect for anyone but themselves.

    Do you think Shiller cares about poor people, minorities, or the underserved? She thinks purely of votes.

  18. Has Shiller been involved with this project at all? Has the developer met with her privately yet? Just curious where she is at this point in the process...although I'd take any info with a grain of salt....

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