Monday, January 26, 2009

Find Out Who Represents You

We're just found out about a new website that tells you how to find out who your alderman, state senator, state representative, and congressman are... with contact information! Go to and type in your address, or zip, or area of town. We did, and it was quick and easy. Nice job, RepSheeters!


  1. This is a very cool thing. Not only does it tell you who your public servants are but also allows you to read any articles they have appeared in. One interesting article from the reader about good old Helen and her need to stick up for whatever the Mayor is selling this week. She sure can put her foot in her mouth faster than most without any consequences.

  2. I'd recommend marking Helen's words from the following quote regarding the Medline purchase; however, by the time these particular chickens come home to roost, she'll be quietly drifting deeper into her dementia beneath a warm blanket and comfy city pension, having Brendan dutifully pushing her wheelchair and flushing her bag.

    In words that will undoubtedly come back to haunt her, the 46th Ward’s Helen Shiller said: “There are no scenarios that I can imagine where we can lose on it.”

    (knowing her, and how feeble her imagination can be without Daley showing her flash cards, this might not be that far of a stretch, actually)

  3. Thanks for the post. Really glad to see people actually looked up their reps and are talking about them! Hope we can provide a good tool for this ...

  4. I wrote Janice D. Schakowsky last week about Robert Reich's "no white construction workers" comments.

    My goal in 2009 is to write an elected official once a week. Good or bad.

    If Helen used the internet I would write her as well.

  5. One thing I've got to say for Jan, she's answered every letter or email I've ever sent her. NOT that I've agreed with her, and vice versa, but I have to give her props for actually communicating with her constituents.


  6. Shiller does NOT represent YOU!