Friday, January 23, 2009

ER Returns To Uptown

The final episode of the final season of "ER" will have a scene shot in Uptown, on Leland between Winthrop and Broadway. It marks the second time the show has used the beautiful vintage rehabbed Clover Building as a setting. Filming will take place on January 30th, so residents in the surrounding area should be prepared for some traffic and parking disruption from very early in the morning throughout the day.


  1. what clover building r u talking about?


  3. Warner Brothers TV, in association with Sterling Films, is preparing to shoot scenes for an upcoming episode of “ER” in our area. Their current schedule dictates that their company will be filming in Chicago from January 29th – January 30th.

    The filming company will be parking their working trucks on the following streets during this process. They are notifying us so all can proceed well in this situation.

    In order to complete the work as quickly as possible, the City of Chicago has posted “NO PARKING” signs in the following areas:

    On Friday, January 30th from 8am thru 5pm:
    • Both sides of Leland from Broadway to Kenmore
    • East side of Broadway from Wilson to Clifton
    • Both sides of Winthrop from Lawrence to Leland
    • West side of Kenmore from 4700 N to 4730 N Kenmore
    • South side of Lawrence from Winthrop to Kenmore

    Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

    Jason McAllister
    1100 W Leland Condominium Association
    "The Clover Building"